Eyepoke: CU Stars

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 -Via The Eye

This edition of the Eye is all about stars and success stories here at Columbia. Feel free to grumble about it. Who looks at King Lear while doing math, anyway?

These Columbians juggle school and acting…all while being prettier than you.

Sarah Dooley is still “the coolest thing on YouTube.

These Columbians juggle school and professional ballet. Yup, still better looking than you.

It’s PULL-it-ser, not PYUL-it-ser.




  1. Ahh!  

    That kid in the Eye picture is the coolest guy EVER.

  2. oh man  

    willie is indeed the coolest kid ever.

  3. agreed  

    i'm friends with him, and he is definitely the coolest guy ever.

  4. lol  

    Mark? Holly? Amanda? Lila? That you? ;)

  5. yeah  

    Probably just random people who have seen him around campus.

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