Guide to the Weekend: Countdown Edition

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We’re so close to summer that it’s about time we re-enter the city to prepare for all the free time we’re about to have (Don’t question our logic, just enjoy yourself).


New Music Bake Sale

Friday 7pm-midnight, First Presbyterian Church 124 Henry St. at Clark St.                                                      A fundraiser for New Music that will include baked goods, drinks, and live performances from several participating bands. It’s a packed program, see website for line-up.

Price: $15, includes two drinks

Tori Spelling

Friday 6pm, Borders 10 Columbus Cir., 2nd fl (212-823-9775)

Tori Spelling of Beverly Hills 90210 fame reads from her new memoir, Mommyhood.

Price: Free!


Deganit Shemy and Co.

Friday and Saturday 7:30pm, 219 W. 19th Street nr. Seventh Ave (212-691-6500)

An Israeli choreographer puts five dancers to work to the music of metronomes and crowd noises. Shape the moves yourself this weekend only.


Basement Bhangra’s 12th Birthday

Saturday 11:55pm, S.O.B.’s 204 Varick St (212-243-4940)

For twelve years, S.O.B.’s has put New Yorkers dancing to the beats of remixed music with Indian motifs. The celebration turns twelve, and the club is hosting a special night of partying to celebrate.

Price: $13

Club Animals

Saturday 11pm-2am, Rubulad 338 Flushing Ave

It will be an off-the-wall experience featuring a free bouncy ride and a human petting zoo.  It promises of provoke!

Price: $15


Ravinstyle Pop-Up at the Wonderland Fashion Flea Market

The online boutique Ravinstyle sets up their once-in-a-blue-moon pop-up shop at the Wonderland flea market. Expect unusually deep discounts on New York’s most famous names in fashion.

Sunday 12-5pm, 418 W. 13th St. b/t Ninth Ave. & Washington St. (212-524-2800)

Price: Free entry

People’s Symphony Concerts

Sunday 2pm, The Town Hall 123 W. 43rd St. (212-840-2824)

The latest in these series of way-cheaper-than-they-should-be performances features world-renowned pianist Peter Serkin. It’s an event practically begging for college-student patronage.

Price: $10

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  1. heyyy  

    Bwog, to be honest I am a little shocked, perhaps offended?, that you advertised Rubulad on here. It's crowded enough as it is. Besides, I don't think they like other people publicizing their events. It's supposed to be all word-of-mouth and a few mailing lists. Bwog doesn't count as either of those.

  2. FYI  

    Just to let yall crazy Tori Spelling fans know, she is staying in Le Parker Meridian midtown and is driving around in a black Escalade.

  3. i go  

    to rubulad to ESCAPE columbia. i don't want to go there and see people from my cc class.

    • amen.  

      I'm hoping the long subway ride to get there will deter Columbia people from going. So many off-campus sites of debauchery have already been ruined by the overeager, under-21 crowd so anxious to get off campus and make asses of themselves, I would be so sad if the same thing were to happen to Rubulad.

  4. are you kidding me?!

    rubulad is no secret. let's not pretend like it is.

  5. Let's get  

    TALIB KWELI on the events here ah? It's gonna be fuckin awesome

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