1. but bwogg  

    no livebwog? this is the perfect occasion!

  2. yooo  

    is talib or vampire on first?

  3. surprised alumn

    you guys really aren't live-bwogging this?

  4. Vampire Weekend  

    was totally owned by Kweli—they were boring, slow, and not really pumping the crowd. Kweli was dropping bombs like no other. It was an entirely different concert. All the white people who left after Weekend did not get their money worth

  5. hmm...  

    Most of my group of "white people" actually were incredibly impressed with Vampire Weekend, and felt a little let down by Talib. Yeah, he was good, but it seemed that if you didn't really know his shtick as a rapper, he wasn't as accessible. I just felt that VW's music is more along of the lines of what most of Columbia listens too. We seemed far too white of a crowd to "get" Talib. He was badass, regardless.

    But still, both bands put on incredible shows. One of the best days/weekends on campus. Congrats Bacchanal!

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