Dessert for You, Compliments of the Chef

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CQA and company are sponsoring tonight’s midnight snack for you Butler-ites and friends.

The follow-up to last semester’s Queer Sushi is Queer Cupcakes, and it’s in the Satow Room at the strange time of 11:45 PM.

The tasty cakes in the CQA-sponsored picture look delicious.  Their real life counterparts are from the Buttercup Bake Shop.

Queer Cupcakes is partially geared towards this weekend’s Days on Campus groups that probably have little else to do so late at night.  Always the welcoming host, Bwog recommends that you get there before they do.

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  1. roaring  


    Why am I hearing Roar Lion Roar on Amsterdam?... Silly band. Football season was last semester!

  2. #2 is obviously  

    referring to what is discussed in #1

  3. Very Delicious Cupcakes  

    om nom nom

  4. thanks  

    What a delicious cupcake! Thank you bwog...have a good night :)

  5. AAH

    why is it so hard to figure out classes this semester?? what is wrong with me?

  6. oh cqa

    dear emaciated president of the cqa: eat a cupcake, or sushi, or anything.

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