Your 2009 Valedictorian and Salutatorian

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Although no official announcement has been made (yet), Bwog tipsters have informed us that this year’s valedictorian and salutatorian will be Emily Clader and Mollie Schwartz.

Clader, a Mathematics/Philosophy double major, was also early Phi Beta Kappa, and a Bach Society alto to boot. Schwartz, a chemical physics major, is no stranger to prestigious awards: last year she won a Goldwater Scholarship. Congratulations to both!


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  1. holla!  

    yayyy both are women!!!

  2. what  

    are their gpa's?

  3. Damn....  

    It's too bad both girls are uuuuu-glay

  4. Congrats  

    That's huge guys... ignore the bitter commentary above

  5. aww...  

    ... idiotic sexism! Reminds me of the knee-jerk reaction of the neanderthals at my high school to their whip-smart girl valedictorian. But Emily pwns the trolls above: she's attractive, funny, takes & rapes graduate math & philosophy classes...

  6. actually  

    they both look adorable...but regardless of their appearance, congrats ladies! Well done.

  7. hooray!  

    smart people!

  8. Alum

    Fwiw, the valedictorian and salutatorian of the first fully co-ed class (in 1987) were also both women.

  9. ...

    have other awards been announced yet? like the rest of PBK and class prizes, etc?

  10. Alum

    Bwog calls these ladies "Your" valedictorian and salutatorian, but that's only true for readers who are current CC seniors. That leaves out 21,000 of CU's 22,000 students, to say nothing of alumni, faculty and other non-students who visit this site. It wouldn't have been that hard to say "CC's" instead of "your".

  11. Mollie!  

    Mollie is in my class and shes uber cute! yay her! Damn I didn't know she knew sciences too....jeeeez

  12. haters to the left  

    They are both beautiful! Congratulations Emily and Mollie!

  13. Awards  

    A bunch of senior awards will be announced by the end of this week, and Kings Crowns go out tomorrow. Not sure about PBK, which is the most important one.

  14. sad  

    so envious - wish i were graduating with some sort of award this year too! but congrats guys.

  15. and just for

    the record- both of them have to have GPAs over 4.0 by definition:


  16. For the record  

    Mollie is a Bach Society alto, too.

  17. Wait?!  

    That's how you spell "Salutatorian"? Wow, I'm a doofus

  18. unknowledgable 2010'er  

    when do SEAS V&S get announced?

  19. Congratulations!!!  

    I'm so happy for you both! What a great honor!

  20. Hmmm...

    Just a side note - if both of them were guys no one would be calling them ugly.

    Congrats to both! That's awesome.

  21. Hmmmm2

    Oh, and PBK is mid-May. check the cuwiki.

  22. curious hypothesizer  

    is there a particular day at which the cutoff for the val/sal grade competition ends?

    For example, could these 2 now completely blow off school from here on out (not take their finals, not do final projects, etc.) and still be val/sal? I realize neither will do this, but I'm thinking in the hypothetical here...

  23. wow  

    people on the internet are assholes.

    in other news, the sky is blue and columbia's bureaucracy sucks.

    anyway, i've never met mollie schwartz, but i've met emily clader, and i think she's cool, wicked smart, and very cute. and yes, i'm a straight guy etc.

  24. In defence of alum

    The hostility with which comment 12 was received is really telling of the type of people Columbia seems to draw. Angry, self-important, completely intolerant of others who have differing views. It is certainly an irony that card carrying liberals are generally the most closed-minded, bigoted, extreme people I have ever met.

  25. are  

    these names confirmed for val and sal?

  26. PBK  

    phi beta kappa is already announced

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