Bacchanal Adjusts to the Weather

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The organizers Bacchanal have noticed that it is not an especially lovely day outside, and, unfortunately, have had to do something about it. The two outdoor activities for today– the Neal Goldberg lunchtime acoustic show and the screening of Alice in Wonderland– have both been postponed due to imminent rain.The acoustic show has been moved to bagel brunch on Sunday, 4/26, and the movie will be screened on Friday, 4/24 from 8-10 on Low, right before Capture the Flag from 10-12.

Those spending most of the day in a haze will be glad to know that, although there will be no trippy movie to accompany their celebratory state, Taste of Morningside Heights is still on from 3:30-5 to satisfy their munchies for a good cause.


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  1. nooooooo  


  2. Bacchanl...

    Your think tank for fun.

  3. Wait,  

    They were holding a screening of Alice in Wonderland on 4/20? During Days on Campus?

  4. Umm...  

    Is the version of "Alice" being screened the original 1951 Disney animated film? Someone mentioned that the new Tim Burton adaptation was being screened, but I'm super skeptical, and haven't seen anything legitimated...

  5. Bacchanal  

    Hey, it's the Disney version - seems like the only natural way to show it

  6. Jen  

    How about a recap of Taste of MSH? It was such a hit!

  7. and  

    Roosevelt Institution had a bake sale too....

  8. Next Friday  

    The movie's being moved to next Friday?

    They should show Next Friday.

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