QuickSpec: Happy Holidays Edition

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Here’s a trippy opinion piece called “The Benefits of Smoking” that doesn’t contain a single word. [ed: Spec has, for some reason, removed this article in the last hour.]

Pete Seeger lived through the 60’s. That must have been so sick, man. Wait, why was he at Teacher’s College again?

No one will ever suspect you if your eyes are a little red today: “everyone knows” we don’t sleep anyway.

Facebook and religion. That’s what it’s all about, dude. It’s all this massive social construct. Like, the Facebook guy just wants us all to buy into this system of organized religion. We have to fight it; we have to fight back against Facebook. Yeah, yeah, definitely. Wait, I’m so hungry right now. Cheetos? 

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  1. 420  

    Happy 4/20 all!

    We should seriously consider legalization of marijuana. Let's tax it, regulate it and treat it like alcohol. After all, it is much safer than it's legal counterparts, alcohol and tobacco. The war on drugs is a miserable failure and a waste of our already stretched thin tax dollars. Let's save $14 billion dollars every year by allowing people to smoke their weed. At this point, it doesn't make sense not to tax and regulate marijuana.

  2. Surfin' UWS  

    A festivus with the rest of us. I've been waiting for the chance to experience CC high.

  3. The first link...  

    ...doesn't work.

  4. Yesssir  

    420 all day eryday!

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