CCSC (And GSSC) Elections Are Open

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Columbia College Student Council elections are now officially open! You’ve read the interviews. You’ve seen the debate. Now make your voice heard, CC students.

As per outgoing President George Krebs’ e-mail today, here are the candidates and the log-in for the ballot. The voting process this time around requires you to rank all the candidates for each position in order of preference (see our CCSC wrap-up for further explanation). This is a curious choice for a year in which almost all the races are uncontested, but you can take the opportunity to linger lovingly over your write-ins. Let your muse guide you.

You have until tomorrow night, at 7:00. Take care, and remember these are the people who will control your 40s on 40.

Oh, and hey, GS students! Today is your last day of GSSC elections! Candidates, ballot: Get on it!


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  1. Good taste

    Alfred Davis : so hot?

  2. hmm  

    I have a question. I just voted, and noticed that I could rank the e-board in terms of preferences. Could you hypothetically vote in a president, and then a different VP from the one on the same ticket?

    that could make for some awkward post-election relationships

  3. wtf?  

    For like 10/13 elections, there was only candidate running.

    Ask any political science professor here and he'll tell you that that's not democracy.

  4. GSer  

    Bwog could do a better job at covering GSSC. They only get coverage for scandals. This year's council has been remarkable, they deserved to have at least some of their events or initiatives get their own post and not this pathetic afterthought mention.

    • well  

      bwog is very disproportionately CC humanities majors - so there's gonna be some amount of selection bias in the stuff they cover. regular student council stuff is already boring, then add on top of that that GSSC stuff is even less relevant to most bwog readers and you've got your answer.

      scandals get covered because in theory, they're breaking news and inherently captivating to the whole student body -- rest assured the GSSC ones last (year/semester - i have no idea) weren't

      I think if you want this to change you've gotta get people from GS involved in bwog

  5. lol

    a mandatory write-in!

  6. GSer-too

    The problem with coverage of GSSC lies in the problem with the GSSC. It does nothing so there is nothing to report about it. Even the "election scandals" are boring. Silly. If GSSC wants press time, make it earn it. In other words, do something -- ANYTHING. Besides, who wants to see more of Brody Berg than we already do. (And what about those smarmy "Ladies and Gentlemen of General Studies" e-mails? Puke!)

  7. anon

    What's GS? And is someone running really named Thong?

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