ESC: Pass/Fail/Uncover, Smoking, and “Pwnage”

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Ed. note: Last night’s ESC meeting in fact ended with an off-the-record portion of the meeting, which Bwog has confirmed included discussion of impeachment proceedings against an ESC member. ESC President Peter Valeiras declined to comment.

The council is in the process of setting up a survey to see if engineering student would be interested in implementing a Pass/Fail/Uncover option, similar to the system implemented at Columbia College. Though members of the council are concerned that some people will be less likely to respond to the survey because it is so late in the year, President Valeiras said that the sooner they get a large response from students, the faster the administration can begin work on implementing the system.

Attempts to cancel classes on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving have failed in the University Senate. The Senate wants the council to discuss the issue with the Committee on Instruction first.

The engineering student council held their final election of the semester: director of technology. The first candidate, Michael Angerville, a sophomore computer-engineering student, got off to a rocky start when his PowerPoint presentation froze, but he quickly recovered. He said “computer technology is [his] passion,” and since “people work harder on things they love” he would be an excellent director of technology, though he confessed he has not been working on any extracurricular computer projects due to his class load. His opponent, Shannon Tan, though much quieter and lacking a PowerPoint, spoke in depth about her web development work. She stressed her previous experience as a webmaster both on and off campus, and expressed her belief that website problems need to be resolved promptly. After deliberating, Shannon was chosen as the new director of technology for ESC.

The 2012 council expressed their displeasure that secretary Whitney Green changed “pwned” into “pounded” on the meeting agenda, and there was much “lol”ing.

Council members also clarified that gender blind housing, if implemented, would be used solely to enable male Columbia students to live with Barnard females at Barnard. It would have no effect on housing at Columbia.  

In a straw poll vote, members of the council voted against the new smoking policy, which would ban smoking within the campus gates. However, they said the administration should do more to enforce the current policy, which prohibits smoking near the entrances of buildings.

The student services representative explained that if the new dining plan fails, then Ferris would be in danger of closing. She also explained that to bring John Jay up to Hewitt quality (with more made to order food), the kitchens and ventilation systems would have to be modernized, which would be a $20 million renovation. She stressed that John Jay does try to order the highest quality of food possible; it is the preparation that is poor. She said that if students are unhappy with food quality, they should fill out comment cards, because Dining pays more attention to comment cards than they do to student councils. Stuff the comment boxes!


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  1. Hey  

    Look Bwog, I'm not a grammar Nazi, but for the past several weeks you've been making the same mistake. It's dining, not dinning.

  2. If we're criticizing...  

    There's more than one engineering student.

  3. Also

    Wtf is a straw pole?

  4. wtf  

    im sure some motherfucking radical improvment can be made before hitting the 20 million dollar mark.

  5. More grammar

    Yeah, also Shannon wasn't doing the deliberating; you mean "after deliberations"

  6. why  

    is gender blind housing reform not affecting columbia housing?

  7. as if  

    it isn't already hard enough for Columbia girls to get laid, and now Columbia guys can just go live across the street? So unfair.

  8. Why

    can't Columbia boys live with Columbia girls? Barnard isn't just for finding a wife (anymore).

  9. awwwww...  

    poor john jay. i feel bad for it now. :'(

  10. please  

    o please do tell who is getting impeached. lol

  11. wtf  

    stop the smoking on campus!

  12. what  

    exactly would be the change to Ferris?

  13. really?  

    $20 million to renovate john jay?


  14. ...  

    angerville? i'll give you angerville.

    angerville is getting kicked out of a milstein room at 7:00am after pulling an all-nighter by that annoying "this room is closed for nightly maintenance" guy, only to relocate to another "open" room where they send in some lady with the loudest fucking machine ever to wax the floors.

    that's fucking angerville. i'm on the fucking bullet train to angerville.

  15. smoker  

    let's ban a capella instead. or what about those christian rock concerts on the steps? maybe even the varsity show?

      • a capella  

        doesn't leave their music sheets on the ground... now do they?
        rock concerts on the steps don't leave shit lying around (and are fun for most people, vs smoking, which annoys more people than are participating).
        varsity show: this one doesn't even make sense.

        since when does smoking affect the brain's ability to formulate an argument?

        • smoker  

          ad hominem?

          people should pick up their butts but smokers aren't the only ones littering. that's a bigger issue. we should ban littering.

          also, the varsity show is ubiquitous and thusly unavoidable, much like the rock concerts.

          my point is this: everyone does things that piss off other people. if we all complained as much as people complain about smoking then no one would be able to do anything.

  16. to be honest  

    i'm surprised to see such pro-interventionist comments here. i guess i expected more of a live-and-let-live attitude to prevail here.

    but frankly, i don't give a fuck if people on this campus smoke. while i personally would never smoke cigarettes, i don't really think it hurts me too much if others do. also: i love hookah when it gets warm out... would you really want to throw that away? c'mon

  17. Why  

    the censorship Bwog? We all know it was Rajat Roy who will be impeached. Don't try to cover this up...

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