Rules Complaint Filed in CCSC 2010 Race

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Late-breaking drama in an otherwise uneventful election season: according to Elections Board Chair James Bogner, “a rules violation has been filed by The Party against the Clear Party.  The complaint is regard to Facebook updates which allegedly occurred during moratorium.  The Clear Party has submitted their response and the Elections Board is now in the process of adjudicating the complaint.”

Anonymous sources tell Bwog that, more specifically, the complaint concerns supporters of The Clear Party who updated their Facebook statuses with messages of support for The Clear Party after the beginning of the moratorium on campaigning at 9 p.m. on Monday. CCSC’s Election Rules state that “rules violations committed by supporters will be treated as if the candidates committed them” (there currently is no exception for Facebook statuses), and that any “substantive” rules violations committed during the moratorium period “will result in automatic disqualification from the election.” Bwog will keep you updated as the situation develops.

UPDATE (9:42 p.m.): The Clear Party sent Bwog this statement: “We think that The Party Party has shown its true interest by filing this complaint.  Rather than focus on the issues and ideas that actually affect our class, they would rather focus on Facebook status updates.  We tried to reach a compromise with them tonight over the alleged violation, but they were unwilling to budge, claiming that the updates altered the election in a fundamentally unfair way.  Because of their unwillingness to compromise, we may be looking at a delay in election results.” The Party Party has not yet responded to requests for comment.

UPDATE (12:41 p.m., Wednesday): The Party Party appears to have dropped the complaint, as they have told Bwog that “although Clear Party engaged in moratorium campaigning, The Party decided last night to move beyond the rules violation.”


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  1. seriously?  

    how were the friends supposed to know about the moratorium?

  2. true..  

    But I see how they would be strict about it. The rules are there for a reason.

  3. wtf?  

    wouldn't it be mad easy for one party's friend to put his status as for the other party? Or even for some guy to just screw with people by doing that?

    That's not democracy.

  4. ...  

    what if i went and changed my facebook status to "support" a candidate just to get a rules violation filed against them?

    i think that it is pretty clear that that rule applies to "serious" rules violations like voter intimidation, vote buying or whatever.

    i mean, if we're going to apply the rule to facebook statuses, why not to bwog comments too?

  5. well,  

    members of the clear party have been endorsing these statuses their friends put up after the moratorium began.

  6. I think  

    political parties for campus elections are pretty foolish.

    I would vote for a solo candidate who shows some initiative in a heartbeat

  7. hah  

    this is so lame. if aj wins on account of this, i hope he feels really proud of his victory that he achieved through a bitch-fit.

    that said, i dont want either party to win. both people are nice, but dont really do anything worth while or interesting.

  8. outrage  

    if the elections board decides this race based on a rules violation, there should be and will be outrage. let voters have a choice, and forget this petty crap.

  9. The Inevitable Question:  

    Who cares?

  10. outrage 2  

    Funny that it looks like it was a wall post directed at one of the candidates.

  11. so wack  

    that is such bs. facebook status, are you kidding me? can you say petty?

    we should just do away with student govt completely and have anarchy!! yahhhh.

  12. really?  

    really AJ? how fucking petty.

  13. how does aj even

    stand a chance to be elected if no one likes him

  14. outrage 3  

    The Party = one big epic fail

  15. Or More Important,  

    what about the Clear Party's both racist and sexist flyers fetishizing sex with multiple asian girls?

  16. get over yourselves  

    you're all so petty.

  17. Election Rules

    If you read the EB rules closely you will see that the penalty structure for the moratorium period and during voting day(s) is very clear. A given party may be disqualified from the election if their actions alter the election in a fundamental and more importantly, malicious way. I hardly find a couple of friends' facebook statuses to be a) fundamentally altering or b) malicious, even if the candidates expressly directed their 2 friends towards such actions, which I'm sure they didn't.

    In recent years contentious races see one party file a BS claim against the other the night before voting, sometimes even saving evidence until it can be more dangerous, in an attempt to flat out disqualify their opponents. It's petty, dishonorable, and incredibly transparent.

    • Transparent  

      Yup, that's the word of the day. Transparent.

      AJ, you are TRANSPARENT.

      Do you think we're all totally oblivious to what you're trying to pull?


      • you  

        guys are hilarious. I'm a casual aquantance of AJ's - we had a class together freshman year - calling us 'friends' would be an overstatement.

        but it has always kind of baffled me that bwog commenters have loathed him since the first time i saw him mentioned here. He's not that hateable - I really don't feel strongly about the guy one way or the other (I won't vote because that would dignify student government) but it honestly amazes me that the guy who's been our class president for the past 2 years was seemingly hated the whole time (if bwog comments are a good barometer of the class as a whole -- & god help us if they are). how many of your cats could the guy have run over with his car in high school? he really can't possibly have wronged you all.

        alright, that's my $0.02

        oh, and a side note: whomever gets elected, if you actually do 1 substantive thing as our reps/prez, end the flyering for these campaigns - it's a complete waste of paper and our tuition dollars. thanks

        • why the fuck  

          are you trying to defend him though?
          If he's not your friend then why do you even careeee? seriously stop trying to pretend like youre a martyr by standing up for him

          • me again  

            I wasn't defending anyone I just can't believe that this bland guy who was just like anybody else in lit hum could possibly have been the monster that bwog commenters depict him as -- like 66 said, I call bullshit and want a substantive reason why he's such an asshole

  18. MyGod  

    Who the fuck cares about all this shit?

    "Rather than focus on the issues and ideas that actually affect our class"


    • such bull  

      right on. way to take advantage of the situation.

      they need to quit trying to capitalize on this stuff. they broke the rules. they should quit trying to change it to their favor.

  19. Ugh...  

    What a joke! This is the first I have heard about any moratorium and I have a bunch of friends in student government... Posting support via facebook does not even come close to voter intimidation... or holding signs within 50 ft of the door to a polling location... etc. Wow... someone thinks that The Clear Party should win over The Party! Now I am definitely going to change MY vote... We are not lemmings jumping off The Party cliff into the The Clear Party ocean (pun not intended)!

  20. Mugatu  

    AJ IS A JOKE! The fact that he cares shows he is all about winning and not at all about doing. CLEARLY the CLEAR PARTY should win. That's all.

    • the fact that he cares  

      shows how he wants to do it honestly.

      i'm sick of the all the slander on every bwog page about him. clearly the clear party supporters aren't above much. there's such thing as expressing a differing opinion with respect.

  21. I abstaied from voting  

    Because student government is bullshit. I don't think it's worth the paper for the flyers.

    • Correction  

      Typo: Meant to spell "abstained".

      This is not much better than a high school popularity contest. The government serves more as a bureaucratic grit. The name "The Party Party" goes to show that it's bullshit. Them filing a complaint on Facebook statuses is bullshit. The Clear Party's advertising is also pretty gaudy.

  22. Agree w/ Mugatu  

    Honestly, it's like don't complain about this stuff, just run a decent campaign and maybe people would vote for you. but you dont.

  23. I support THE PARTY  

    THE PARTY is the best group of individuals to win the election. I wholly support them and plan on voting for them, regardless of their ignorance of perverse incentives in election rules. GO THE PARTY!


    THE CLEAR PARTY is the best group of individuals to win the election. I wholly support them and plan on voting for them, regardless of their ignorance of perverse incentives in election rules. GO THE CLEAR PARTY!

  25. Take to the streets!  

    I've had it guys. If we can't get the CCSC election we deserve by a free and fair ballot, then we'll just have to take to the streets. The issues in this race are just TOO important to be left to the whims of the Election Rules committee. Grab the heaviest overdue volume from Butler you have sitting on your bookshelf, file out of the dorms and assemble on the Low Steps.

    • Vive La Resistance!  

      I wholeheartedly agree... I have a hardbound that's just waiting for someone's face. No commercials, no mercy! (Meet-up at Fairchild: free pie and punch)

  26. PBK

    I just found out I got it :)

  27. elections  

    hmm... yup. still don't care.

  28. ditto  

    I hope they realize how dumb this makes them sound. It's facebook. FACEBOOK!

  29. Let's mail tea bags  

    to both parties.

  30. Anonymous  

    Student Council is the administration's puppet.

    Student Council is bs. Let me be in it to add it to my resume.


    If I vote and the party I vote for wins, then I will regret it next year because I know that I'll find reasons to complain about their inefficiency or whatever they'll fail to do.

    If I vote for the one that's going to lose, then I'll just regret not voting for the "right" one.

    The less people that vote, the less legitimacy ccsc will have.

  31. Angry Black Man  

    I got a letter from a girl named Sue Yang, it says.

    Eh, yo AJ tell me how my ass tastes.
    What, you can't do without me
    Uh, you cant do without me
    AJ, you cant do without me.
    Rather than bitchin', AJ tell me how my ass tastes.


  32. Ron Paul  

    Yes. Tea-bagging revolution in the Hudson!!!

  33. 2010  

    don't know these people. don't give a shit about these people. have managed to enjoy columbia so far without them noticeably getting in the way.

    may the worst man win!

  34. AJ PASCUA  


    • in response  

      except, not at all. if you were actually friends or even remotely familiar with AJ (and not a member of CLEAR trying to sabotage him) - you would know that he's not like that, whatsoever.

  35. bwog, get on it!  

    bwog, another interesting tidbit about elections-related drama: all over carman was spotted many, many aggressive signs that demand that no one vote for the na fianna party, stating that one should "Reject prasifka and lynch" and "CCSC is not a joke."

  36. AJ PASCua  


  37. An Idea

    They give all the money put towards Lerner Pub, Senior Playpen, Senior week, etc. and just give it back to the seniors.

    I know that, with a few friends, we could throw a party bigger and better than all the bullshit that our student life fees go toward.

  38. obviously  

    AJ is not an econ major and has no interest in going into finance. On Lion Link it says he is a psychology major. And if I'm correct, he currently is interning at a non-profit, way to make up his life story.

    And if we want tons of free shit senior year, then you should vote for THE PARTY. the other party won't be able to get approval from administrators, so the bwog said. and i don't care about anything else but free shit and alcohol, and if that's what THE PARTY can do, then I'm voting for them, regardless of silly ass rules. everything else is SO STUPID.

  39. not ccsc

    I am sick and tired of hearing everyone complain about how student councils do nothing...i think this year's been decent. mark johnson may be a tool, but the bar crawl was pretty sweet and it sounds like senior week is going to be great too. yeah, so there weren't enough tickets? maybe if you got off your lazy asses and bought them on time like i did you wouldn't have to complain. there's been so much cheap and free alcohol this year...we can't really expect more from a university. this is not a bar!

  40. oh yeah?

    AJ has been the incumbent for 2 years, has he gotten you any free shit or alcohol for the past 2 years? Nooooope. Why do you think he could all of a sudden start now?

    Just like everyone on BWOG thinks he's a douche and they barely know him, do you actually think he comes off any less abrasive with administrators? They won't allow him to accomplish anything.

  41. I think  

    a lot of people don't like AJ also because he apparently tried to take advantage of an affirmative action system by calling himself "Hispanic" when he's really Filipino.

    • bullcrap  

      Either this kid is genuinely a detestable character, or he has been subject to a grossly unnecessary and vile smear campaign by juicy-campus types. The kind of shit on this thread is unreal. It's CCSC for fuck's sake. And no, not even student body president. Senior class president. People need to chill the fuck out.

  42. Undead  

    Write-in Zombie Reagan!!!

  43. you're right about  

    mark johnson... he IS a tool. don't bother emailing him or giving any feedback - he's an idiot.

  44. 3 reasons  

    why aj is a tool
    a) AJ is known to have made racially charged remarks (e.g. Walking through Harlem is scary)
    b) lied about being hispanic, when he is really fillipino just to get some stupid ibanking gig
    c) has done nothing of note (feel free to mention something to counter my claim)for the Class of 2010 in his two years in office...compare AJs legacy to that of Krebs who has done plenty of things

  45. oh i almost forgot  

    if AJ is interning at a nonprofit, it is because he is just trying to build his resume, i guarentee you he has no interest in the non-profit's philanthropic mission

  46. You people are ridiculous

    I don't know if you should guarantee anything considering you spell like a moron and have no idea what you are talking about.

    And by the way, "Walking through Harlem is scary" is not necessarily a racially charged remark, and is a legitimate concern considering it has the highest crime rate in manhattan.

    • dear no. 75

      while you are right that some parts of harlem have the highest crime rates in the city, you are wrong to assume that the manhattanville area, to which aj was referring is more dangerous...check out this map if you do not believe me:
      so please stop making generalizations if you really don't know the facts

      • Anonymous

        No where in the quote was the Manhattanville area referenced. I can only go by what is posted as an actual quote and assume important factual pieces of the quote were not left out. With that in mind, I did not make any type of generalization because the quote implied Harlem as a whole.

        It is possible he was just misinformed and never saw a map such as the one you linked to. Again, it was not necessarily a racially charged statement.

  47. 0500  

    walking through harlem late at night is scary, yes. Walking through Morningside heights late at night can be scary. Fools.

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