Alums Want YOU To Spend A Couple Thou’

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Want to go to the Venice Biennale this year, you eager little Art History major you? Uh, YES. Well, the Columbia Alumni Association can take you! 

Kinda, sorta, ish. They can take you to all sorts of cool events once you’re already there. In order to get to Venice, they recommend that you… spend your (parents’?) money at their favorite travel agency.

Yeah, it’s probably the richer end of the alum spectrum that would go to an event like this, surely expected to purchase their own tickets. But it seems that, fortunately or unfortunately, this email went out to all CC and SEAS students as well. Bwog thinks we should pool our resources for a sailboat.

Full email (with pretty picture of Venice) after the jump.


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  1. .....  

    seas got this too

  2. it was

    also sent to GS students. Stop being biased, Bwog

  3. asdf  

    when do we find out who won elections?

  4. hell yea  

    studying abroad in venice partying with some alum sounds like a good time

  5. darn!

    i'm studying abroad in europe and going to venice at the end of may... if only it had been a few weeks earlier...

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