1. Are there  

    any statistics on the percentage of religious undergrads at Columbia? I am always surprised that there are so many religious groups.

  2. sigh  

    "How does the Christian minority (also known as almost 80 percent of our country) do it? "

    Really BWOG? You missed the point of the article with that summary.

  3. except that  

    there are soooo many Christians here.

    Just most of them, like myself, are E.C.'rs (Easter/Christmas mass attendants) or worse.

    The only Christian minority on campus is the truly devout. But they've got God, yeah? So they're fine.

  4. In cc and lit hum  

    people were really respectful of religion when discussing the texts. I feel like people try really hard not to offend people who may be religious all the time. . . sometimes at the expense of truly intellectual debate. . .

  5. person

    Yasmin is awesome!

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