Free Food: Your Daily Bacchanal Bite

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Happy Saturday everyone!  With highs in the low eighties and hope for more open lawns, Bwog can’t help but feel a little bubbly this morning, not to mention pretty darn hungry.  Luckily, Bacchanal has not one but two free food options today.  Or, since they’re consecutive, the option of six hours of free food in a row.

First up is the “Bacchanal Hippie BBQ” (the title of which suggests it may not be for the squeamish) on Low Plaza from 1-4 PM.  We’re not comfortable even hazarding a guess at what charbroiled counterculturals taste like, but no doubt they’ll be selling those attractively neon t-shirts again, so for that if nothing else, check it out.

And, in case you’re still hungry, the “Malama Hawai’i Luau” will be going strong on Ancel Plaza (that’s the open space between East Campus and SIPA) Update, 10:30 AM: Low Plaza from 4-7 PM.  Grab yourself a hibiscus or a surfboard or somesuch and head on over.

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  1. the thing

    ...that only eats hippies

    Wendel brought it to life in his guest room bath tubIt was a special project for his 4-H clubBut it broke loose out in the middle of the nightAnd now it's eatin' flower children left and rightAll the punks are gonna scream yippee'Cause it's the thing that only eats hippiesFirst it cruised on out to MalibuAnd ate a couple a' surfersWho where too tough to chewSo it slithered it's wayOut to old IrvineAnd ate a couple a' hippiesAnd they tasted just fineNow its got a sweet tooth for long hairSo Bob and Greg and Grant you should bewareFollowin' the Dead is how it gets it's kicksShame it wasn't born in 1966Listens to the music and begins to swayDreamin' acid dreams of a hippie souffleHey hey heyWhat do they taste like -Some kind a' treat?How many hippies can this monster eat?It ate Stills and Nash before they could shoutAnd then it chewed on David CrosbyBut it spit him outAll the punks are gonna scream yippee'Cause it's the thing that only eats hippiesThere it goesGonna send 'em all to that big Folk Festival in the skySo long sucker

  2. bwog  

    what about holi?

  3. ATTN  

    Dear Bwog,

    Taekwondo Tournament in Levien Gym today - hosted by Columbia's team. Goes till 7 pm. Free and open to anyone with access to Dodge.

  4. Fuck  

    The 4 god damn essays I have to write this weekend.

  5. how  

    is this "unseasonably" good weather? it's the end of april.

  6. hungry  

    SEAL's water festival at Ancel Plaza had quite a bit of free food...

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