Holi Invades Ancel Plaza

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Hungover East Campus residents stumbled out this morning to people assaulting each other with rang

This year’s Holi had its largest ever turnout – Bwog saw many neighborhood kids rolling around in the colors. As Bwog left, trashcans were being filled with water to make people recognizable again. Another picture of the aftermath after the jump.


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  1. Bwog  

    you forgot an on the main page. It's all slanty. Why so suspicious?

  2. whoa  

    that was soooooooo good!

  3. =-D  

    You guys should have been there from the beginning, it was like a battlefield except happy and colorful!

  4. ancel  

    i never knew this plaza had a name.

  5. :-(  

    this was soul-crushing to witness as I walked to the library this morning. that much fun should not be allowed when there are papers to write!

  6. photo nazi  

    bwog, these pictures don't nearly do it justice!

  7. advice  

    i'm a graduating senior who never bothered to go to this until this year. advice to freshmen and sophomores: start attending this event. it's always held on a gorgeous day and there are few things more fun than throwing paint at your friends and total strangers. it will remind you why you kind of like this school.

  8. TBQH

    This is possibly the best event on this campus. SO AWESOME!!!!!

  9. i love holi!  

    amazing event guys! sooo much fun. i cant wait until next year! :)

  10. nisha

    This really is my favorite day on campus.

    and yay to warm weather!

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