Men’s Golf Wins Ivy Title

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The men’s golf team won their second Ivy League title in a row today, coming from three strokes back to beat Penn by one stroke. First-year Brendan Doyle made par on the ninth hole, while his Penn playing partner bogeyed, to keep the title in Morningside. They join the men’s tennis team as the 2nd Columbia sports team to medal this spring. 

In other sports results, the baseball team lost three of its four games against Penn, finishing 7-13 in the league and failing to qualify for the Ivy League playoffs. The track team competed at the Penn Relays, with first-year Monique Roberts winning the high jump, the men’s 4×800 team setting a new school record, and several other members setting NCAA qualifying times. Meanwhile, softball also lost three of four to Penn, and lacrosse had its three-game winning streak snapped by Dartmouth.

On the water, things were no better, with the men’s varsity eight losing their first race of the reason, finishing behind Boston University and Syracuse. The women’s varsity eight finished third as well, to Cornell and Brown (photo by Columbia University Athletics).

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  1. Men's Tennis and Golf  

    filled that void which Fencing traditionally fills. Congrats! But just two teams... cummon Columbia.

    • EAL  

      Hey now, in spite of their step backward this weekend, the heavyweight crew team is still in a strong position to win the league title.

      Baseball lost three of their best players last year and have some good young talent, so expect them to be competitive for the next two years.

      Columbia sports optimism...if that's not an iron virtue I don't know what is. Oh yeah, and congrats to the men's golf team!

  2. Impending Doom  


  3. 2150  

    congrats mens golf!!

  4. rugby  

    lost 2 of 3 games this weekend too

  5. columbia gold  

    its so kind of them to engage in these tournaments between rides on daddy's yacht and mommy's limo

  6. what is wrong

    with yachts and limos? it's so annoying when "poor" kids whine about others spending money.

    • I think

      It's rather annoying when people spend money in a frivolous way. For those of us whose parents fought tooth and nail to put meals on the table spending money on limos seems a bit silly.

      I wouldn't dare say all golfers are rich and pampered though. That's just silly and makes you look like an idiot.

      I will say, however, that to those of us who have been desperately poor in our lives the way some Columbia students spend money can make you feel nauseous.

  7. i bet you

    you aren't that poor. did you live off food stamps? could you not afford to go on spring break with your friends?
    just because you get a free ride due to a 50,000 or below family income doesn't mean you're poor.
    noone should feel guilty about spending money the way he/she wants to is all i'm saying.

    • Well

      Actually, I did live off food stamps and I never went on Spring Break because I had to take a job to help pay back the part of my tuition not covered by student loans.

      So yes, I was very poor. About 12,000 a year income to support three people. Including one who needed expensive medical care. You know what though? You're right, I wasn't poor because you say I wasn't. People like you make me sick in all honesty. Just because you haven't seen a situation you think it doesn't exist. I know of several people at Columbia who were in similar situations to my own. You're forgetting that Columbia's 'free ride' wasn't totally free until very recently (I'm an alum and a current grad student) and that someone receiving the maximum reward would still come out having to pay 30,000 dollars: a massive sum for someone from a very poor family.

      In short, take your head out of your arse. There are ways you can spend money that SHOULD make you embarrassed. Ask yourself the question: Should I buy a pair of $500 sunglasses or a $1,000 bag when people are starving and being not educated properly within 2 miles of me?

  8. gotta love  

    that warm and fuzzy columbia family love. we never fight about anything, and we certainly don't needlessly bicker over spending brackets.

  9. confused bwogger  

    help! I don't know whether to complain about the athletes or the rich kids! whatever am I to do?

  10. a slight correction  

    Golf is a rich man's sport, like polo. Tiger Woods is rich, and when he wasn't, he was the exception to the rule.

  11. Harsh Truth

    Most people who are poor have no one to blame but themselves. It is truly not that hard to find a job that pays enough to live off of.

    If you happen to be rich for whatever reason, you get to spend that money no matter how much poorer people complain.

  12. Thanks  

    Horatio Alger. We'll all just pull ourselves up by our bootstraps!

    And while I support relatively free market economics, your comment "If you happen to be rich for whatever reason..." shows an astounding ignorance of economics (not to mention basic morality). What if you stole the money (Ponzi schemes)? Or what if the theft is less explicit? What if I dump toxic waste into a river rather than process is properly in order to reduce my firm's costs, and that increases the impacted community's health care costs (negative externalities)?

    Oh what's that? There's no crown next to your time stamp? Hmm. My faith in Columbia hasn't been completely undermined.

  13. Ultimate  

    If we are talking about Columbia sports results from this weekend, we should definitely mention both women's and men's ultimate.

    Both clubs made it to regionals for the first time in 4 years, which were held this weekend in Princeton, NJ. The Metro East Region includes teams from southern Canada to Maryland, so making it to regionals at all was quite an accomplishment.

    Seeded 15th, the men shocked the whole region by finishing 4th, only two spots away from nationals. The women held seed.

    Both teams have deep rosters and are only losing three players between this season and next. Keep an eye out for them next year--both ultimate programs are probably going to continue kicking butt.

  14. bottom line  


    golf is for tools..

    unless you look like Tiger Woods--then you can do anything and be hott, even play golf.

    That I am all fore.

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