Last Chance to Do It In the Dark

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The final challenge of the EcoReps’ “Do It In the Dark” initiative begins today. To become the “biggest loser”, you and yourself/your roommate/your suitemates must have the room with the most reduced electricity consumption for the week (ending May 3) compared with its consumption at the beginning of the challenge. 

The electricty meters will come in next week and the winning dorm will be announced then. Take radical measures like turning off your lights, putting your computer to sleep, and unplugging your fridge to achieve victory.

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  1. ...

    no way in hell i'm unplugging mah server farm!

  2. Anonymous  

    This should be easy for me, as I spent time at the beginning of the challenge wasting electricity in any way possible.

  3. Insignificant Crap

    These sort of measures are designed more for the administration's satisfaction and are, and always will be, posturing.

    Not eating meat for a week saves, albeit indirectly, more water and fuel than living by candlelight.

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