1. make fun  

    bwog but that was brilliantly written senior-column

  2. hehhhh  

    'that old Lit Hum mainstay'

    brilliantly written? hahahahahahah, written like an old lit hum essay

  3. link pwnage  

    bwog, how could you ignore the pwnage of salz's column last week in that column that ran today? link.

  4. friend  

    yay mark! I liked it

  5. Urgh  

    Yes, we get it: You all know each other.

    Stop namedropping and jerking off each other's egos in the comments section already.

    • urgh yourself  

      so what, we should let negative kids like you dominate the comments? i think not.

      also, it's nice reading a senior column that's not about "what i learned about life from spectator," "i've learned so much in college," or "i had a profound experience; let me share it with you." college is a complicated, challenging place, and mark does his experiences, both good and bad, justice for the most part with this piece. kudos.

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