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Barnard cowgirls and uh, cowgirls, will be treated to a host of Wild West-themed free food and fun today, available for whole campus. Today’s Spirit Day includes free Krispy Kreme donuts in all Barnard dorms, followed by the third consecutive day of BBQ in a row at Lehman Lawn. The Nexus will finally be named during “Celebrity Scoops” at 3, when deans give out ice cream to students. There’s also a class carnival beginning at 7:30.

The posters encourage you to saddle up and see how the Upper West Side was won. Yee-haw, etc. 

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  1. Spellcheck  

    You guys made an error. I believe it should say "Barnard cows and uh, cows..." Girls are people. I don't know how you could make such a mistake.

  2. Bitches  


  3. YES  

    That's right feminists; feed me!

  4. WOO  

    YEAH BARNARD!!! you rock

    and to #1
    have you not seen the skinny bitches over here?

  5. No matter  

    what they say, we're still calling it the Vag, right? Unless they come up with an even better name, like the Center for Undergraduate Nice Times.

  6. the nexus equals  


  7. gotta love those tshirts  

    "I love riding barnard college."

  8. vegan  

    there's tofutti ice cream too!

  9. hello?  

    where are the BARNYARD jokes?!?!

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