Swine Flu…It’s Contagious!

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Who’s the new kid in town? Uh oh, it’s swine flu. The newest fad in respiratory diseases, is, as you’ve heard from just about everywhere, sweeping its way through the U.S and will probably creep up behind your comfy chair in Butler 209 any second now. 

Although all cases of the flu in the U.S have been mild, Health Services is staying alert about a Columbia outbreak. Scott Wright, VP of Student Services, discussed the need to be aware of flu’s ability to spread during his cameo at last night’s CCSC meeting. He passed around flyers from the NYC Department of Health that instructs New Yorkers on avoiding getting down with the sickness: “clean things that are touched often,” “avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth,” and, you know, wash your hands.

Wright echoed the general sentiment that we are at a moment where the situation is “changing hour-by-hour”, but that it has the “potential to be very serious.” Halp! He assured CCSC that Columbia has access to flu vaccines anti-viral drugs such as Tamiflu but is “not positive” that they will be effective against this strain of the flu. Although, according to Wright, “not enough is known yet to take further action”, Columbia is considered one of the city’s main hubs in case of an emergency and Columbia administrators will know updates on the situation “before anyone else in the area.”

We’re all gonna die!


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  1. ???  

    we fucked aren't we Bwog

  2. bwog  

    is this supposed to be funny?

  3. senior  

    Hi Bwog,

    I'm not sure if this is an appropriate comment under this post (sorry), but could you please investigate what GPA is usually necessary to graduate cum laude, summa cum laude, etc?

    Thank you,
    I don't want to graduate

  4. senior ii  

    dammit i should've worked harder these past 4 years. i'm definitely not getting any senior honors.

  5. SWINE FLU  


  6. fyi ...  

    Health Services is issuing updates on swine flu here:

  7. i did  

    try to google it before, and i can only find the GPA cut-offs for GS.

  8. tamiflu  

    is not a flu vaccine.

  9. another senior  

    there aren't any posted cutoffs because the min gpa for honors varies each year, but the cutoff for any sort of latin honors seems to be in the high 3.7s. see this from back in '06: http://bwog.net/publicate/index.php?page=post&article_id=1624#comments

  10. I doubt  

    bwog could tell me, but does anyone know if any news source has reported how/why the NY outbreak started? were any of the high school students in mexico?

    • bwog sucks

      The students were spring break-ing in Mexico... yea, that tells you what sort of a high school it is.

      And Bwog, you never fail to amaze at how you can make light of a serious situation. Over 140 dead in Mexico, and you play it off like another free food post.

  11. 2150  

    at least it's such a beautiful day outside!

  12. Well  

    we might not even have a place to graduate from soon, if the administration hires any more Mark Taylor-s. The religion department needs to do something about their cowboyman/hipster asap. Not all change is good. Abolish departments? Idiot...


  13. triforce

    is that a screenshot from Ocarina of Time (minus the superimposed pig)???

  14. is it true  

    that a student at teacher's college has the swine flu???

  15. David  

    Pandemic? We will all get sick and die when pigs fly! Oh, crap. I just saw the picture at the top.

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