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Last night, the Engineering Student Council voted to impeach Senator Rajat Roy. Roy was up on impeachment charges for allegedly having hurt ESC’s relationship with other senators and schools by actions including using improper language with a Business School senator. 

The impeachment proceedings, according to ESC sources, were initiated by outgoing ESC President Peter Valeiras, who did not comment beyond confirming the impeachment vote. In addition the ESC’s standard procedure of closing impeachment proceedings to press, Roy had invited several of his senate colleagues to speak, but the colleagues were denied entry to the meeting, Valeiras telling them at the door that it was his decision to bar them from the meeting.

Nevertheless, Roy’s Senate colleagues continued to express their support for Roy. CCSC Senator Monica Quaintance told Bwog that Roy is an “invaluable member of senate” and is the “most effective spokesperson for the engineering students.” She also told Bwog that she believes that “ESC does not like that Rajat spends more time on Senate then than [ESC’s] internal affairs.” She also noted that Roy has since “made up” with the Business School senator, and that the two have worked together on Senate since. Another member invited by Roy, who requested anonymity, said that ESC’s impeachment of Roy was motivated by “personal reasons,” an accusation several other ESC and Senate members have previously made to Bwog.

As for the next step, Roy explained to Bwog that though the vote was to impeach, his impeachment does not mean he will be removed from office. He said the action by the council was not really a censure, but more a message from the council that “we want you to change.”

– SVZ and JCD

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  1. ridiculous  

    ESC is so stupid for wasting its time trying it impeach Rajat. Surely there are better things to do than trying to punish someone who actually cares about the work he does, even if it means focusing on Senate rather than council? Unlike most ESC members, Rajat actually understands the Senate and does a pretty good job at what he does - at least compared to our past SEAS senators...

  2. ummmmm

    Wait wtf didnt tiffany dockery get impeached too? Are there any senators still left besides monica and rishika?

  3. Angry Black Man  

    Rajat is some shady dude, just trying to build resumes. Oh wait most of my SEAS student government is. Oh well. Still, impeach his ass. Wasn't this dude almost impeached before? What has he done? Tell me, fellow SEAS people. NOTHING. All he does is just sleep with girls all the time. Such a snob. Tell me how my ass tastes Raj.

  4. Angry Black Man  

    Oh in honor of the removal of AJ Pascua and Rajat Roy from office...(from those who didn't see my last post).


  5. raj  

    is completely ineffective and difficult. also an ass.

  6. ehhhh  

    I won't shed any tears over him. What a douchebag - he's the kind of guy who introduces himself to you every time he meets you because he didn't bother to remember you the first four times.

  7. Bwog  

    I am unfamiliar with the term "to hut a relationship." Does it mean to build a small shelter around a relationship, thereby insulating it and making each member of it feel claustrophobic? If so, I have many people I will now begin using this on.

  8. uhm...

    This situation bothers me. Sure, we may not have known what Rajat has done for SEAS (then again, what most Senators do are behind closed doors anyway), but what bothers me so much is that we don't know any background regarding this.

    Did members of the E-Board approach Rajat about his behavior and current situation after the first semester? If this problem has been there for a while, shouldn't the E-Board have stepped in to talk with him and find a solution, instead of raise an impeachment?

    (and isn't it just a LITTLE suspicious that an OUTGOING President, who happens to be GRADUATING this year, was the one who initiated the impeachment hearings?)

    I dunno, just my 2 cents. ESC is starting to really confuse me on this stuff

  9. Ex-ESC

    Hahaha, this is obviously about personal vendettas. Well played, Peter Valeiras, well played.

  10. why the hell  

    am I the first one to notice this typo (or the fucking stupidity of Monica Quaintance)????
    "ESC does not like that Rajat spends more time on Senate then [ESC’s] internal affairs"

    THAN!!! not THEN!!!
    christ. how stupid are these people???

  11. Rajat Roy has....  

    man boobs. Trust me. I've seen 'em. He also has dinner plate sized nips.

  12. Wait  

    Monica is unbelievable, after leading the effort to get Tiffany impeached for a similarly stupid reason she publicly says how great Rajat is... They are good friends but that's pretty ridiculous.

  13. i think  

    ESC just wants to be a bit like GSSC. Yay impeachments!

    well played, esc. you guys rock.

  14. whats the point

    school is almost over? who gives a fuck?

  15. 1307  

    Rajat is an incredibly douchey guy with zero integrity. I have worked with him before and he started up that whole ROTC shit here because his own personal political leaning was pro-ROTC. It was a colossal waste of time for everyone concerned and forced everyone into doing something they knew would not get off the ground.

    Rajat was also responsible for the impeachment of an ESC senator last year, so karma, I guess.

    All that being said, it's pretty fucked up how all this went down. The idea that he was denied a defense, witnesses, a fair and open hearing, is beyond fucked. How can we expect openness from the administration when we can't deal with fellow students in a transparent manner? It seems like ESC is totally oblivious to the positive improvements in transparency and accountability (public forums, budgets, etc) being made by CCSC and the governing boards. I hope somebody has the good sense to turn ESC democratic, and soon.

  16. uhh  

    im on CCSC and out of the senator bunch i only like Rishika and Billy

  17. Please Delete #28

    its pretty offensive and entirely unrelated

  18. Monica

    is running for Senate co-chairmanship with Rajat. That's why she's defending him...

  19. Why doesn't

    the Senate speak out about him? Shouldn't their side of the story be heard?

  20. confusion  

    all of the reasonable comments above show such confusion on part of the students

    by keeping these meetings closed, don't you (esc) understand that we (your student body) don't know what's going on and will continue to think that you are doing things in a secretive and unfair manner? is it so hard to clarify a little bit on how things like this are being handled? what was the real situation here? how is this kind of secrecy gaining you the trust and respect of the students?

  21. well,  

    did rajat run for senate uncontested?

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