Wait in Line to See Ann Coulter

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Ahmadine-who? There’s a new controversial speaker in town. You can now pick up your tickets at the Lerner Ticket Center for the upcoming Ann Coulter talk

CUCR Executive Director Lauren Salz informs us that students must buy the tickets in person (meaning no online ordering – suck it up and put on some pants), and that on the event date, May 4, no posters, signs, food, drinks, or bags will be allowed inside. So keep your #1 Ann Fan foam finger or rotten tomatoes at home for this one, kids. 

The Ticket Center is open from 1:00 to 8:00 for the rest of the week.

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  1. GS Senior

    Do we have to check our shoes at the door too???

  2. oh no  

    no bags?! where will i keep my baby-murdering morning after pills?

  3. nonsense  

    I already got my ticket two days ago.

  4. wait  

    "buy" meaning exchange money for the ticket or "buy" meaning wait in line and ask for a ticket. why would i pay to see ann coulter and why do i have to pay for her when so many cooler/better speakers have been here at free events?

  5. twas  

    free! You will "pay" to see her in other ways.

  6. just  

    ignore her and she'll go away

  7. woot!  

    got mine ^_^. best free entertainment around...

  8. Anonymous  

    You mean I can finally see her large hands in real life! All my dreams are coming true. Thanks Columbia!

  9. so...  

    What's to stop me and my conspiracy to buy a bunch of free tickets and simply throw them in the trash?

  10. don't  

    go! don't go don't go don't go don't go. she wants a bunch of liberal students to see her speak and engage her in debate. don't give her the pleasure.

  11. fuck  

    ann coulter and fuck lauren salz

  12. Will be there  

    ,will be drunk and will have fun. Also there is absolutely no line at the ticket center

  13. Teehee  

    Craiglist Killer is a College Republicans alum and traveled to DC to hear Ann Coulter speak in 2004.


    • cr alum

      What a lame and tenuous connection to draw. I bet there are a few College Dem alumni from around the country who are in jail too. There is no reason to hate Republicans just because they are Republican. Most of the Republican alums I know lead normal lives and co-exist with Democrats. Shocking, I know.

  14. i really  

    hope people don't go to this, and that the dems don't protest it. i really hope this is just an ignored and low key event.

  15. i still  

    can't believe they're calling it "the Diana"!!

  16. Seriously...  

    Let's "buy" these tickets and throw them out! It would be great if she speaks to an audience of about 10 Republican kids here.

  17. ...  

    i'm still amused that coulter is the best that the cucr can do.

    i mean, seriously, there are loads of high quality conservative thinkers who can articulate great arguments for conservative viewpoints. all it would have taken was a few emails to the national review.

    instead, we get this stupid media stunt. where they take the "shock jock" of conservative thinking who even manages to polarize within the conservative ranks. i mean seriously, who's next? rush limbaugh? bill o'reilly? sean hannity? glenn beck?

    i actually wouldn't mind going to see a REAL conservative thinker speak. it would be interesting to see a real thinker articulate that viewpoint.

    but instead we get more polititainment. if i wanted that, i'd sit at home, drink beer and watch fox news.

    what's the message here? "we conservatives believe that the only ideas we have to offer are polititainment?"

    it's really pathetic and sad.

    • i think

      it says more about your laziness and tendency to be aroused by 'polititainment'.

      Apparently just in this year they've brought former senator chuck hagel and teh first openly gay state senator to speak but i'm sure you didn't know that because neither were intellectual heavyweights according to you.

      More likely, the vapid impression you have of this event comes about specifically because it was aimed at dolts like you; Morons who preach intellectual discussion but only get their hard-on when bill oreilly or jon stewart or keith olbermann stop by.

        • sorry

          im not ann...unless the ann you know has a penis

          • ...  

            not gonna say it. nope. not gonna say it.

            even if you aren't her, there's still a good chance she may end up reading this, both my epic airtight double diss and your lousy nonsensical response.

            i mean seriously, there are only two options here:

            a) the college republicans are "trolling" the university

            b) they really are that dumb

            in the first case, it's a vapid and pointless exercise. (that will likely bear no fruit) in the second, they're well, failing, epically. i mean seriously, do they honestly think ann coulter is going to win any converts in a heady place like this? if so, they're pretty dumb.

            and if they are trolling (which i have major doubts about anyone biting), what does that say about the content of their message? is it not strong enough to stand alone?

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