1. Senior  

    yes, Deus ex machina solutions are awesome!

  2. does no one realize  

    that a virus ISN'T killed by anti-BACTERIAL products?


  3. keen eye  

    Whoever took this photo isn't a Lab Consultant but is using the Lab Consultant station.

    That is a no-no in itself, probably worse than harboring the flu virus.

  4. sanitization  

    do they want us to hand-sanitize, or maintain or sanity?

  5. wtf?  

    I was unaware that the word "swine" was so offensive.

  6. alcohol, however ...

    ... does kill viruses. Alcohol would be the active ingredient in these gel-based hand sanitizers.

  7. Saturated  

    A word of caution: 1/2 a pump is sufficient; this dispenser is ROBUST

  8. umm  

    alcohol-based sanitizers are NOT anti-bacterial. generally, you shouldn't use anti-bacterial soaps or cleaners because the mass use of them has the potential to create the "super bugs" and make you resistant. but alcohol-based hand sanitzers are OK and work.

    I think they should put these things out all the time! It could only help...

  9. hey bwog  

    is "mexican flu" any less offensive?

    just sayin..

  10. also

    aren't jews and muslims forbidden from eating mexicans too?

  11. finkerschmelt  

    Uhhh.... no, hand sanitizers do NOT work agst viruses... alcohol or no alcohol... viruses lack a cell wall which is why they work on many bacteria. Absolutely correct about the super bug though! Gonna see some big problems in the next ten years when Vanco doesn't work anymore.

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