Free Cake and Peace!

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Today, LionPAC will celebrate Israel’s 61st birthday with an event called “Peace of Cake.” As the title suggests, the cake is doubly symbolic – it says Happy Birthday Israel, how old are you now? while at the same time promoting peace in the region.

Bwog didn’t know cake could be used as a tactic to bring about peace in the Middle East, but when you think about it, what could make more sense?

Of course, it wouldn’t be a peaceful celebration if it weren’t free, so grab your peace and cake from 11am to 1pm today on College Walk.

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  1. Are they

    going to cut the cake according to pre-1948 borders?

  2. That cake  

    Has a legitimate right to exist in my stomach

  3. that is

    disgusting. go eat your fucking cake and don't think about the people israel has displaced

  4. doesn;t bwog  

    usually remove comments that have nothing to do with the article and attack people unnecessarily?

  5. Lol

    Stfu and go cry about your nakba. You bitches had 7 armies attacking Israel and still couldn't win.

  6. dumb palestinians

    if u think israel sucks then why dont u check out the fliers around campus showing 4 opportunities that the palestinians had to make peace but rejected. Four times, they had the opportunity to live freely in their own land, but since they call for the destruction of israel, they couldnt deal with living freely side by side with israel..

  7. cake  

    Whatever, that cake was delicious

  8. The cake's  

    Right to self-defense was not honored. We better start sumtin'.

  9. Nancy

    61 years of fascism and counting!

  10. So...

    If Israel is turning 61 does that mean it'll be retiring soon?

  11. thoughts

    Let's face it, would you rather have Bar Rafaeli or Edward Said?

    DiCaprio was right and you have to choose Israel every time.

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