Seniors, Look (and Drink) To Your Futures

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Instead of making for the nearest bar in order to forget the impending doom with your fellow seniors, the organizers of Senior Night ask you tonight to switch it up a bit, and head to a specific bar based on where you will be moving after graduation. 

If you’ll be staying in the Northeast, head to Havana; future Californians head to The Heights; anyone going abroad should drink together at Campo, and the undecideds among you can soak in your indecision at 1020. Oh, and if you’re going anywhere in the entire United States that isn’t the Northeast or California, you should all go to Pourhouse and talk about what you’ll all have in common. But actually, unless you’ll be going (somewhere) abroad or you’ll be going (somewhere) in between the two important parts of the country, you could potentially find to talk to about your specific post-grad destination.

So face your future, and uh, drink just as much as you normally would, but with people that you actually might see after May 20th. There’ll also be specials of various sorts at every one of these bars tonight. A special one at Havana will be sponsored by Red Bull (they’ll be making a drink called a Drag Me To Hell). There’s the negative outlook on graduation in a glass, if you were looking for it.

Full details from the Senior Night email after the jump.


 So we’ve only got two senior nights to go and thought we’d mix it up a little. Here are the rules…

-If you’re going to be in the NYC area (yes, Connecticut and Jersey count), Boston, or DC, head to HAVANA for the regular Senior Night drink specials!

-If you’re going to be on the West Coast, hit up the HEIGHTS for Happy Hour prices all night long ($4 Margs and well drinks, $2 Budlight)!

-Heading abroad? Head to CAMPO for Happy Hour prices from 10-2 am!

-Moving to a city that hasn’t been mentioned (Atlanta, New Orleans, Chicago, etc.)? That’s cool…go to POURHOUSE for $4 beers and $5 well drinks!

-Not sure yet? Spend the night at 1020, where every drink is a drink special all night long!

In addition to this, Red Bull will be sponsoring free giveaways at Havana Central, so be sure to stop by even if you’re not going to be in the Northeast next year! You’ll want to try their special Drag Me to Hell (which is Red Bull, vodka, orange juice and grenadine) on special.



  1. i feel like  

    there will be a ton of people at 1020 tonight

  2. disoriented  

    when is senior night?

  3. yeah  

    wooo overpriced booze

  4. Senior Underground  

    Thanks Bwog.

  5. i think that  

    the senior week committee is incompetent.

    • wow  

      It's funny how people don't do shit always have something to say.Maybe YOU are incompetent and worthless. You probably sit in your room all day doing nothing important. Get a Life.

  6. 2150  

    man this makes me wish i was a senior. just kidding i love college!!

  7. disoriented  

    of course its incompetent. im a senior and had NO idea that weds were senior nights. i even read those emails. plus, does everything always have to be about drinking?

    • yes  

      everything has to be about drinking. There are plenty of community-building circle-jerks organized by Student Affairs, if that's your inclination. If you don't like the drinking, fine, but don't ruin it for others (just in case you were planning to).

    • Senior Underground  

      Senior Week committee has absolutely nothing to do with the planning of Senior Nights. These are done independently of any student organization and are an informal way for seniors to gather. Senior Week, Student Council, and other student groups are not able to send out e-mails regarding these events because they are not official events.

      That being said, while information about several Senior Nights this semester was spread primarily through word of mouth, there were several Facebook events advertising the "special" ones (Senior Night returns to Havana Central, etc.). If you have suggestions for events, contact Senior Underground through our Facebook page.

    • Anonymous  

      if alcoholedu taught me anything it was that everything revolves around drinking and the only way to have a good time is to get incredibly drunk...oh don't eat dinner and go to the gym before you start drinking too. cheap fun will inevitably follow.

    • i don't  

      mean to be a jerk, but you obviously don't. Most of Mark Johnson's emails mention this stuff even if you don't get senior underground emails ( not sure why you wouldn't).

    • agree  

      Of course, you are incompetent. You don't read e-mails, so you miss out. That's your lost. Don't blame the student leaders that try to do something. If you are going to criticize, why don't you come up with better programming for seniors. Stop being lazy and read your e-mails.

      • whatever  

        I agree with 9 in terms of the advertising for senior night being a little lacking. word of mouth doesnt always work out ... plus if you're seas, you dont get emails from mark johnson.
        regarding the drinking, i see what 9 means by everything revolves around that ... but then again, it is college ... but yea, some non-alcoholic events would be fun if they were organized well (ahem ahem today's south lawn mess ...)

  8. i bet  

    you can't get drunk enough to make out with the new dean

  9. Hmm

    "in between the two important parts of the country"

    while I've been on the eastcoast my whole life and probably will end up there, this author is a jackass.

    • I agree

      This writer is a fucking idiot with the "two important parts of the country" comment. Considering that the economy has gone to shit, with NYC working as the epicenter of it all, staying in a competitive city where tens of thousands of other college students come every year seems a little misguided. As for CA, going to the land of the most unstable real estate market in the country, where companies move away from every year to avoid high costs, seems pretty dumb these days.

      The sun belt is where the growth in this country is happening, and those states have been hit the least by the economic crisis. Plus, there's more job availability, and more companies are moving to cities like Phoenix, Houston, and Atlanta because it's cheaper. Lower living costs, more fortune 500 companies, and the largest population growth rates in the country means something.

      So, congrats Ivy Leaguer! ? You're working as an underpaid secretary and living in a $2000 a month fifth-floor walk up in Washington Heights, all so that you could be in the "important" part of the country. All the while, most of your paycheck nurses your growing xanax and valium addiction, which try to ineffectively remind you that you're somehow important for living in the big city. Congrats, you're a douche bwog writer.

      And all this is coming from a Californian living in NYC next year.

      • Anger!  

        Pretty sure the writer was making fun of the planners of the evening for only scheduling regional events that included the East Coast and the West Coast. The writer wasn't the one to make that statement; the organizers did by setting up the events in such a way. But I agree, let's be angry about everything because people are organizing fun events and the weather is gorgeous!

      • yeah  

        it's called sarcasm. ever heard of this little website called THE BWOG?

  10. hmm

    where are this year's Senior Wisdom posts, bwog?

  11. senior  

    drunk and lonely.

  12. wow  

    Who came up with this brilliant segregation-by-region idea? Actually, scratch that, it's utterly retarded.

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