Wilma… She’s Irreplaceable

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 Screen shot of “Wilma’s Anthem”

“To the left, to the left. When your omelet’s done it’ll be to the left” rings the creative chorus of “Wilma’s Anthem,” a YouTube music video made by two Columbia students to celebrate their John Jay dining experience. 

Though there’s no way to be sure, Bwog assumes this video and three other celebrations of dining joy would never have seen the light of the world wide web if it weren’t for Dining’s facebook-based video contest, going on right now on the Dining Services facebook group. The lure of the grand prize for the best (50 free John Jay meals for each contributor) has prompted four groups of students to create their own new, special way to say “I heart John Jay.”

Though all of the submissions make use of a popular song, not every group produced such a masterpiece of coordinated dancing and karaoke-esque singing as “Wilma’s Anthem.” “Addiction” is more of a short film, where in the darkness of the gated alley between Hartley and Wallach an angry kid with a flashlight confronts his friend about a dangerous addiction… to John Jay.

Dining Love,” on the other hand, is essentially what you’d see if you listened to “Love is Gone” by David Guetta while eating in John Jay slightly intoxicated. You’d pretty much start to see every shake of the salt and every stab of a fork in line with the beat of the song, and then you would slowly lose you mind. Then you’d watch the fourth video, appropriately titled “Columbia Dining Competition Submission,” which is one quarter intense music video choreography, one quarter intense stares into the camera, one quarter footage of a take-out cup of cereal being eaten over and over, and one quarter ABBA’s “Money, Money, Money” tune. And you’d realize you actually had lost your mind.

That being said, if you’re prepared for the ABBA, these are all a pretty good laugh. And you can vote to help decide who gets those precious 50 meals by using that new-fangled “I like this” feature under the video you prefer on Dining’s facebook group. Obviously, even if “Wilma’s Anthem” loses its current lead, Wilma will always be irreplaceable.

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  1. Anonymous  

    how the hell did they get their hands on a vintage john jay tray??! awesome job boys

  2. wilma's anthem  

    is the best thing i've seen come out of columbia in a LONG TIME

  3. Dining Love...  

    ...is actually hilarious and well worth a watch. I like it better than wilma's anthem

  4. you should  


  5. wilmas anthem  

    is making my week

  6. I don't understand

    why that addiction video had more votes in the fb group...I couldn't even finish it.

  7. wow  

    sorry varun...you're a cool guy, but a TERRIBLE actor

  8. Bwog...

    Wilma's Anthem is actually losing...

  9. dude  

    Wilma's Anthem sucks. It gets old REALLY damn quickly

  10. ...  

    What's second prize? 100 John Jay meals?

  11. addiction  

    there are a solid few seconds in the video where one guy lowers his hand and grazes the other dude's rear end.

    • ...  

      I don't think I'd call it "grazing". It's definitely a full-on grab.

      I like how he looks at his wrist when pulling on the doors of JJ even tho he doesnt have a watch on.

  12. addiction  

    was terribly but that Robyn Burgess chick helped make it, so it'll prob end up winnin.


  13. dont hate  

    varun's acting is fine. dont give him shit just cuz he isn't an ashton kutcher or a tim allen.

  14. plus..  

    ..he's a nice guy.

  15. yeah but  

    wilma's anthem is amazing

  16. does  

    varun's acting even have to be amazing? the fact that it's semi bad makes the video even funnier...

  17. Addiction...  

    is terrible, by far the worst of the three and yet is leading??!

  18. No Addiction...  

    is the worst of the FOUR.

  19. But...  

    who doesn't love a good ABBA melody complete with choreography and intense camera stares?

  20. confession time  

    varun, i love you.

  21. Albert Saltiel


  22. audiophile  

    i can't stand the sound quality of wilma's theme. learn to get at least a listenable recording sound, people!

  23. confession part 2  

    i seriously love varun

  24. confession part 3  

    i fucking love varun gulati

  25. wilmaa  

    ahhhh---sooooo good!!!

    those guys are ridiculous!

    I mean they must have way too much time to subject themselves to that over john jay--grosssss

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