Quick CEAR: Asia Is Everywhere

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Everyone’s favorite collegiate journal of East Asia, the Columbia East Asia Review, just dropped its hottest volume yet (apply rap jargon to academic journals, check). These articles expand the boundaries of East Asia…if that’s possible.

Fujian leads Chinese immigrants all over the globe.

Defective Chinese products are going everywhere too.

Let’s research the Burmese…in New York!

American-esque Pop art, now made in China.



  1. For more info  

    Go to: www.eastasiareview.org

    Current issue + online only articles:
    "Buddhist Filial Piety"
    "Tokugawa Japan"

    Also information on how you can submit to next year's journal and/or get involved with the editorial board.

  2. eastasiaphile

    The editorial board is amazingly hard-working and they did a great job of putting together a journal that satisfies diverse interests.

  3. impressed  

    and their website is really hot too

  4. print?  

    Are they online only or will there be printed copies?

    • both  

      CEAR is available both online (in the "Current Issue" section of the website) and in print (if you're interested in getting a copy, please email info@eastasiareview.org with your name and where we can send you a copy)

      Please only request a copy if you're currently a Columbia student as we don't have that many copies!

  5. CEARfan  

    this is an incredibly impressive publication, its status as 'hottest volume yet' is no doubt due its its dreamy editor-in-chief Wilson Wong.

  6. dear wilson  

    I'd hit that.

  7. omg  

    wilsonwong is a living legend

  8. what  

    no, too bad he's a g gizzard

  9. Wilson

    wilson woooooooooooooooooooooooooongggggg!!

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