1. aww  

    ohh quigs! he enjoyed the show, from what I hear

  2. why do  

    some suspect a scandal's a-brewing with dean austin?

    he's leaving columbia so quigley!

  3. that's a

    terrible pun.

    Fun Fact: Q-Tip had a cameo in the 110th Varsity Show.

    Question: Have you ever wondered whether the administrators sitting in the first row realize that they're being mercilessly and brutally skewered for a reason?

  4. bollinger  

    so apparently bollinger came to the V-Show during his first year at Columbia and got lampooned so badly that he was offended and never came back. I'm glad Dean Quigs has a sense of humor. he's the man

  5. quigley  

    he was real funny

  6. yeah  

    I was sitting two rows behind him and he was definitely grinning widely the entire time. What a sport, considering he's portrayed as the most vile, despicable dean known to man....

  7. A Fan of Ms. Kloss  

    Mad-dawg repping Juh-Jaight in the picture as the mystery red-headed reporter. Love it.

  8. Ms. Kloss  

    is a terrible writer, I've bee reluctantly following her Varsity Show articles all week. She sounds like a child pretending to be Nancy Drew. She also misuses quotes like no one's business.

  9. Kloss:  

    Unequivocally the worst reporter in the history of yellow journalism.

  10. you guys  

    wouldn't recognize talent even if it's spoon-fed to you. Ms. Kloss' pieces were lighthearted and informative--two characteristics that Spec articles all too often seem to lack.

  11. I tried  

    really, really hard to enjoy the show. Alas.

  12. quigley  

    came back to the matinée today, with his other daughter. also dean awn, of GS was there.

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