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As the senior class heads out into the real world, Bwog traditionally delays them a few minutes to get their final thoughts on their time at Columbia, and their advice to their successors. Our third installment is from Nhu-Y Ngo. You can follow the rest here.

Name, School
: Nhu-Y Ngo, CC

Claim to fame: VSA, APAAM, AAAPC, AdCo, being from Nebraska

Post-grad plans: Researching U.S. immigration policy at a DC think tank, hopefully coming back to the City as soon as possible, some road trips and camping fiascos, then after that, I can has lawlz school?

What are three things you learned at Columbia?

1. The students are really passionate about what they do/believe in, and that drove me to pursue my own interests and seek collaborative projects. I have confirmed my belief that real institutional change on campus does come with student action.

2. Coalition building intimately involves emails. Tons and tons of email.

3. The concept of home as I remember it (and desire when I am homesick) does not really exist anymore, which has helped me come to terms with growing up and moving on. But some things remain the same, like my brother’s willingness to watch BCS football championships with me every winter break.

Justify your existence in 30 words or less. Gchat master who kind of (not really) knows how to swim because of her 9am swim class (shout out to Jimmy Bolster).

Favorite study spot? The Solomon R. Chao Memorial Party Room, until it was disbanded. Basically, it was just a bunch of my friends and I obnoxiously camping out in a Butler study room (sorry!), being insanely unproductive. Though, really, my favorite study spot is back in my hometown–it’s a coffee shop named “The Mill” with free WiFi, great hot cider, an outdoor patio, proximity to a ice cream shop named “Ivanna Cone,” and the occasional Midwestern hipster.

What was your favorite controversy in your time at Columbia? Hunger strike, especially as I believe it was so misunderstood. The organizers had legitimate goals and points, but had a tough time clarifying it to the student body. In my time here, I’ve learn not to immediately disregard student activism as selfish or misguided but dig at what the motivations and reasons are (and help out in any way that I can). And maybe when John Ashcroft came to campus. I found that hilarious. I wish he had sung “Let the Eagle Soar”.

Any battle wounds/war stories from the War on Fun? A few EC disbanded parties, I guess. I did awkwardly get sick at Winter Gala in front of some administrators.

Would you rather permanently give up oral sex or cheese? Is my mother reading this?

What do you wish you could tell the Class of 2013 before they come here? Transfer your Cubmail to Gmail. Believe the Mac is better over PC hype (I’m a recent and initially reluctant/misguided convert). Don’t take Benadryl before an exam. And you know, go downtown and watch the sunset at Battery Park. That kind of stuff.

Regrets? I wish I were a bit braver and less hesitant about some things. And I wish I could have met and gotten to know more people–I’ve overcome my introversion to some extent here, but there is definitely room to grow.


  1. ugh  

    Why do people think Butler study rooms are places to socialize and "party"??

  2. Macs  

    are overrated. Dell laptops actually have better speakers, which is embarrassing. And if you need to use excel (ie do work), Macs are far inferior. Also, if you need to play games, don't bother with a Mac.

    If however you want to be cool and pay a premium for lower specs but added hip-ness, by all means pay for a Mac. And Apples are now much more monopolistic than Microsoft.

  3. aww

    I like her. what a sweetie.

  4. Like her  

    Also, can we have Senior Wisdoms from the following?

    Krebs (obviously)
    Colin Felsman (PS: single?)
    Kristin Kramer
    Peter Gallota

    • James  

      Just a quick note that we typically do not ask for Senior Wisdoms from people who've already been "Campus Characters" in the magazine, which in this case includes George, Jisung, and Peter Galotta. We may make some exceptions, but we'd like to spread the wealth around at the start. Don't worry, though - several other students you listed have already received our request for a senior wisdom.

  5. CC '09  

    you rock, nhu-y! :-)

  6. umm  

    i don't know what a single one of those acronyms means

  7. Yes, please, Winston

    la, la, la

  8. yay nhuy  

    VSA - Vietnamese Students Association, APAAM - Asian Pacific American Awareness Month, AAAPC - Asian American Alliance Political Committee, AdCo -Advocacy Coalition

  9. ugh.  

    i can't stand people who have hard ons for reagan.

  10. I love  


  11. umm  

    this is a kind of boring/serious senior wisdom. she's not funny

  12. The Reagan thing

    is a joke, #15

  13. EAL  

    Nice and well-said, Nhu-y. Extra bonus brownie points for the Reagan shot.

  14. ooo!!


  15. vote  

    jordan kenan will have some excellent senior wisdom and he is by far the funniest human being I have come across on this campus

  16. vote  

    jordan kenan will have some excellent senior wisdom and he is by far the funniest human being I have come across on this campus

    what say you?

  17. blast!  

    it appears I have committed the cardinal sin of the double-post! aw well, for you jordo it is worth it. cheers bud

  18. cornfields  

    yay for asian chix from the midwest! represent!

  19. jordan keenan  

    and winston are necessary senior wisdom-dispensers!!!

  20. ALSO:  

    JOSH MATHEW! absolute must for a senior wisdom.

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  22. EAL  

    Also nominate:

    Ji-sung Park
    Rob Trump
    Nicolas Alvear

  23. Yep

    I nominate Nick Camp because, well, I love him.

  24. Also  

    Annie Ma, because I love her too.

  25. Also  

    Brendan Price, because he's amazing and one of the most undersung characters in our class.

  26. cornfields  

    I love Nhu-Y.

  27. dsz

    most amazing columbia student ever.

  28. okay  

    Nominating yourself/friends for these things is a bit idiotic. Stop.

  29. hmmm  

    eric hirsch should be tapped to do this. dude is fierce.

  30. YES!

    Nicolas Alvear

    Josh Mathew

    Peter Valeiras

    Colin Felsman

    Pretty please...

  31. Senior  

    Bwog, you forgot to tag this!

  32. Fan

    Maritza Harper, please!

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    I love Nhu-Y!!!

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    Maybe now she'll stop talking about Josh.

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    Love you, sister Nhu-Y.

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    Love you, sister-in-law Nhu-Y.

  38. MIP  

    I am proud to say I have known Nhu-Y since we lived across from each other on JJ9 freshman year, before any of us were really cool. Yay Nhu-Y! ABUELITA.

  39. JJ9  

    I echo my fellow JJ9-er! Love Nhu-y!

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    bwog, please tag this.

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