1. ...  

    dear students,

    here are some wonderful ways to fuck up your computer when you most need it to work flawlessly.



  2. ironic  

    since i'm complusively checking my RSS feed instead of writing an essay and this came up.

  3. uhhhh  

    this is so much f-ing work when you can just download the program "Self Control" and block a whole list of websites. And set a timer for it.

    Fail Bwog, Fail.

  4. seriously  

    way to tell people how to alter this on their computers.... they can just turn it back.

    use "self control"

  5. procrastinator  

    OMG THANK YOU BWOG! After procrastinating for like 3 days while writing a ridiculous music hum concert report I just used the 'write or die' program that you suggested and got 800 words written in 30 minutes!!! It literally took me 3 days to write the same number of words before using this.

  6. BWOG  


  7. or...  

    just use leechblock with firefox

  8. Dear Bwog  

    I just unblocked you (not using your method--too difficult) to thank you for Write or Die. Fabulous for productivity! And now I'm going to re-block you. Bye bye!

  9. omg  

    the only thing that i need to help me study is a program to block porn duh.

  10. yeah  

    write or die is amazing. I just finished my essay in 30 minutes and now I can sleep. Thanks

  11. WHY Clem H. so damn hot and euro?

  12. write  

    or die may seem useful, but quite frankly I was so worried about writing fast enough for it, that I'm pretty sure most of what I wrote was crap. Yes, I got a page done in ~10 minutes, but it may have to be completely scrapped when I re-read my paper

  13. shit  

    i don't get how f.lux is supposed to help me, my screen is reddish

    • okay  

      then quit f.lux. after you pick your eyeballs off the floor and put them back in the sockets, you'll realize how unnecessarily bright your screen is at night and you can turn it back on.

      • ...  

        i don't understand how screwing up colors and reducing the contrast between text and background is supposed to do anything for me other than make me squint.

        especially considering i'm in high color temp fluorescently lit rooms when i'm up late anyway.

        unless you're suggesting i turn my screen red and turn off all the lights? somehow this will do my eyes a favor?

        the only use i could ever see for this thing would be for keeping circadian rhythms in check. ...but if i'm up late trying to finish something, the last thing i want is to cue my body and mind that it's time to go to sleep.

  14. I thought  

    this was a really great and helpful article. More like it, please!

  15. Yes,  

    Thank you Bwog!

  16. Dominique  

    Also, for those who don't know, there's a useful little widget in Gmail that helps prevent sending emails without attaching the paper. If you use the words "attached" "attachment" or other words indicating that you intended to send a file along, you get an error message before the email sends if you forgot to attach it. Cheers!!

  17. really?

    "Half of writing a research paper is, well, Googling other people's research papers."

    That's awful!

  18. ...

    I'm definitely loving f.lux after using it for a day... thanks for the link, bwog!

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