Call for Closing Remarks

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  1. what about

    classes that ended Thursday? You expect me to remember what my professor said 4 days ago?

  2. Shakespeare I  

    "All the rest is silence." - James Shapiro after wrapping up class with a rendition of Skinhead Hamlet

  3. Immunology  

    Mr. Dr. Mowshowitz at the end of Immunology simply, "...and to everyone ... This Class Rocks". Yes, Yes it does.

  4. Intermediate Micro  

    "Let's have a pleasant last class ... which means you obey!"

    -Prof Musatti, Intermediate Micro

  5. Contemp Islamic Civ  

    On messing up idioms in a foreign language:

    "I still don't know the difference between knock up and knock off"

    -Prof. Saliba

  6. Ovidiu Savin, analysis II  

    "It was very good year that you put up with me and that I put up with you"

  7. Music Hum:  

    It was nice to have met you all, though ideally I never would have met you at all.

    -Prof. Murat Eyuboglu

    (He taught the 2nd half of the semester after our original professor was unable to continue due to medical reasons.)

  8. Major Topics EACIV  

    "Have fun!"
    -Prof Schirokauer

  9. Contact Improv  

    "I LOVE YOU ALL!!"

    --Colleen Thomas

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