1. Nice QuickSpec  

    Pat yourself on the back edition

  2. wow  

    "The author is a Columbia College senior concentrating in philosophy."

    I guess Spec really sucked up this kid's time.

  3. i lived

    on brendan price's floor freshman year, the infamous john jay 7 and he was a huge douchebag. he reported us all for drinking in the hallway and hated all of us.

    • Brendan Price  

      is one of the nicest and most earnest people I've met here. Granted, I didn't live on John Jay 7 freshman year, but he appears to have changed a lot for the better and loosened up since then.

      Sadia's column was the best one this year, but I shudder to think of how viciously the comments will tear it up if it's featured here.

    • JJ7er  

      I for one did live smack dab in the middle of the clouds of pot smoke that wafted through JJ7 and remember no such thing. And why the hell do these comments always end up becoming anonymous judgments on the character of fellow classmates? If your feelings are so strong about another person that you feel the need to drop a huge bag of shit on their web browser, not to mention everyone who knows them, why don't you just say it to their face instead? It's offensive and cowardly to take a cheapshot at somebody in the forum of public opinion. I don't know who you are, of course, but it saddens me to be able to narrow you down to a handful of former floormates.

  4. well

    he wrote a really good senior column. As he said, a lot can happen in four years, my freshman suitemates were miserable and ended up being good guys

  5. Yay  

    I loved Amanda Sebba's column, it was sweet and thoughtful. I love Manders!

  6. correction  

    feeling an anal need to amend my previous post, which should have read, "not to mention dropping a huge bag of shit on the web browsers of everyone who knows them." That is all.

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