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Dear readers,

 As we head into Reading Week, we know you’ll need all the procrastination help you can get. Bwog will be there for you with Senior Wisdoms, exam survival features, and a few other stories we hope you’ll enjoy procrastinating with. Because we love you like that.

As part of that, to thank you for reading us this past year, we’re going to be giving away some prizes during reading week. More specifically, two prizes, and they will be going to the funniest reader comment during reading and exam weeks. Here are the rules:

1. Be funny. Puns probably won’t cover it.

2. Leave your email in the email box – it’s the only way we’ll know who you are.

3. Again, be funny.

The first competition will run through Sunday, and the second will run next week. Prizes will be announced with the choosing of the first week’s winner (though, since we’re desperately poor here, don’t get your hopes up). Happy commenting!

The Bwog Staff

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  1. I'm  

    pretty distracted with this new jester. totally messed up my butler streak.


    señior wizzdumb from Jason Patinkin

  3. jim downie  

    is a giant tool


  4. [email protected]  


    Do I win?????

  5. oh my god  

    the comments for the next few weeks are going to be insufferable

  6. why are  

    columbia students so pudgy?

    They sit on their Buttler all day studying!


    Bwog's fat.

  8. Damn  

    What have you unleashed?

  9. My wit  

    will NOT be bought.

  10. what kind of pirzes?  

    ipod? please let it be an ipod.

  11. What  

    hath Brog wrought...

  12. the picture  

    that looks like Quigley when he was playing soccer. "I'll get plenty of chicks one day as a soccer pro!" he cried on the shoulders of his teammates. Poor, sad reality.

  13. seriously

    This is probably the worst idea you have ever had, Bwog...

  14. okay  

    i kind of like this idea. and i kind of wish people wouldn't make fun of it. anddd i feel like we're in middle school again since people feel the need to make fun of it.

  15. Columbia,  

    bastion of anti-semitism.

  16. STOP  

    with the goddamn haiku's... the first one was original, the others are just retarded

  17. rggg  

    why stop with the haikus

    they are fun to write and read

    get a sense of humor

  18. ...  

    what is the difference between neil armstrong and bwog?

    neil armstrong walked on the moon and bwog fucks children.

  19. A Sick, Pre-Columbia Joke  

    What is the difference between Steven Hawking and a pizza?

    A pizza can walk.

  20. dated topical humor  

    what's the difference between Sara Palin's mouth and her vagina?

    Only 20 percent of what comes out of her vagina is retarded.

  21. Stalling from papers  

    I am but a simple prophet
    Stalling from papers,
    Looking for a profit.

    One half sits like Tiresias
    Other stalls from her labors,
    Pretending like she has a thesis.

    I tell my other half, no!
    Do yourself some favors,
    Please begin, at least, the intro.

    Yet I sigh like Cassandra
    Prophesying my mind will a-cave-ers,
    The other half disobeys my mantra.

  22. Excerpt of CC Discussion  

    Person A: "I read an article in The Economist the other day that said that the clitoris evolved in such a way so that women favored nice men since they would be sensitive in stimulation and they would take care of infants, not eat their children, etc.
    Person B: But what's the evolutionary advantage of nice men?
    Person C: Because nice men finish last!!


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