QuickSurgam: Psychotic Adieus

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The Philolexian Society has put out its 2009 literary magazine,
Surgam (Latin: “I shall rise”) and boy, does that student poetry go down smooth! The whole thing is available as a PDF on Philo’s website, but as always, you can find the highlights below.

Confirmed: Manhattan is just as romantic and mysterious as your high school senior self thought it would be. (page 6)

Either a diatribe against history class or a diatribe against cod. (page 9)

Keep your recycling and your composting separate, dammit! (page 13)

If this poem is at one end of the Tender Descriptions of Sex Spectrum, Poker Face is at the other. (page 15)

“Impulse then psychotic adieu.” No comment. (page 4)

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  1. Highlights!  

    Where's the quickfed at?

  2. Roman  

    "Surgam" can also mean "Let me rise."

  3. Huh  

    Who writes this shit? And who the FUCK sits down to actually read it?

  4. huh?  

    apparently you do.

  5. surgam  

    picked it up on a whim earlier. i thought the history one was amusing and was well-written.

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