Senior Wisdom: Chris Daniels

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We start the reading week of Senior Wisdom with the Columbia Democrats’ outgoing president, Chris Daniels.

Name, School: Chris Daniels, CC

Claim to fame: Dems President, Former RA, Perpetual Intern

Post-grad plans: Teaching For America in Philadelphia, then Harvard Business School

What are three things you learned at Columbia?

1. Everyone here is really freaking weird. I’m still not quite sure why that just occurred to me this year.

2. 99% of them are worth getting to know anyway.

3. A significant number are truly brilliant, wonderful, and funny people who will change your life.

Justify your existence in 30 words or less. “If you don’t have grass stains on your knees at the end of the day, then you should seriously re-examine your life”(borrowed from Calvin and Hobbes).

Favorite study spot? Studying? I’m not sure I understand the question…

What was your favorite controversy in your time at Columbia? Hunger strikers, hands down. Nothing says Columbia like the philosophies of Gandhi and Marx boiled down to a ten-foot-long, blue, paper-mache octopus on South Lawn.

Any battle wounds/war stories from the War on Fun? Let me tell you about the love letters I’ve received from Cristen Kromm… (see “Former RA”, above.)

Would you rather permanently give up oral sex or cheese? No contest.

What do you wish you could tell the Class of 2013 before they come here? When you’re deciding between going to class and doing something you’ll remember for the rest of your life, skip the class. There’s more to life than discussion section.

Regrets? Never.



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  1. Oh my.  

    All I saw was HBS. I thought you couldn't apply right outta college? What's his major? Overachieving sophomores want to know!

  2. smoking  

    wtf. aren't columbia students supposed to be smart and not make destructive choices?

  3. love  

    love love chris!

  4. yes  

    i love chris and this senior wisdom, yayyyy

  5. octopus  

    my favorite "favorite controversy" answer ever. so true.

  6. Uh.  

    You're not a student here are you?

  7. Stranger  

    These are fun answers, I wish I had met him!

  8. What's  

    with all of these boring vanilla SGB types? How about some of the hardcore liberals who have been influential over the past four years. Like Andrew Lyubarky, Andrew Tillet-saks, or Sam Stanton, etc?

  9. wait

    aren't ISO, SJME, CCAW, and Lucha all SGB groups?

  10. chris,  

    you're so cool! best of luck with teach for america!

  11. andrew lyubarsky  

    rocks. would support him as a senior wisdom. but andrew tillet saks? seriously? the man claims revolutionary "legitimacy" as an argentine but he's really from wisconsin. dude is just a n00b wannabe revolutionary. not someone, who, y'know, like thinks and cares about stuff.

  12. haha!

    this guy is pretty funny!

    best of luck to you Chris!

  13. agreed  

    you won't remember the class you went to, but you will remember the absurd stuff you did. it's awesome

  14. huh  

    "teaching" for america? what? did i miss something?

  15. speeeeeeecie

    i'm waiting for king tom faure.

  16. BORING!  

    King Tom Faure works for me. Or you can let the voice of the people, Mike Weinstein, speak!

  17. yay!  

    Chris Daniels is so freaking awesome!

  18. Chris  

    is a very nice person.

  19. ...  

    this is the best senior wisdom of the year! cd=hilarious.

  20. Yes!  

    Christopher Daniels, I love you. I do, I do, I do.

  21. Nice  

    That PrezBo guy hangs out with the right people

  22. big fan  

    of chris. hbs is lucky to have him and I have no doubt that he'll be an excellent teacher

    and andrew tillet-saks is indeed one of the most interesting and intelligent thinkers i've ever met. politically we disagree on a lot, but i respect him tremendously and it's hard for me to imagine other people who've spent any significant amount of time with him not coming away from the interaction similarly -- here's a kid who genuinely believes in his studies and someone i see in butler working his ass off to get every ounce of education out of this place that he possibly can. TS, if you read this, I got hella love for you man, even if your socialism and my capitalism will never quite see eye to eye.

  23. addendum to last post  

    also, to the person who thinks anyone who questions israel is inherently anti-semetic - you don't speak for me, for lots of other people I know (in hillel & elsewhere), and certainly not for all jews on campus.

    a proud member of the tribe of abraham

  24. bwog  

    You have to do Gena Miller!

  25. Ramya Pratiwadi  

    2 thumbs up for CVD!!!

  26. yeaaaah!!

    chris daniels is suuuch an incredible guy. and we definitely had a conversation a few months back about how "everyone here is really freaking weird" - to which i could not agree more!! best of luck :)

  27. um...

    TFA and the HBS 2+2? it's going to be tough to get an associate bulge bracket investment banking/hedge fund/private equity job with that slim a resume

  28. suggestion  

    Clader and Schwartz. Come on, you know we all want to know what makes those brains tick...

  29. Wigwam Pink  

    Chris here clearly proves to be a slightly mischievous, quick-witted, eternally down for a stiff drink kind of man. Cheers to you! I look forward to hearing of your future exploits which will dually benefit you and the world at large. I'm glad someone at HBS will be socially conscious, and ready to galvanize some radical ventures that will improve the conditions of the those whose voices have been stifled by insatiable capitalism avarice. I hope you change the system by working to shift its mechanisms from the epicenter.

    Best of luck to you.

    And all those who have myopic (and lets get real, invidious) comments about resumes - lets not hide behind our all-too-obvious suffocating sense of self of self-flagellation.

    My point -

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