Morningside Books Goes Under

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A sign posted in the window of Morningside Books this morning informs many a sad, staring pedestrian that their beloved local bookstore will be closing in June. As in, next month. 

If you take the time to read the announcement sign in the window, it will tear your heart out.  There is no way to prepare yourself for the sweet, forlorn, and perfectly phrased lament of a quirky little corner bookstore. “We wanted to be the little bookstore that could,” the sign reads. “We couldn’t.”

In the end, the sign informs us, “it’s about money – we never had enough.” At least the management thanks not only the neighborhood but Columbia as well, so we can all feel a little less guilty about every purchase we ever made at the Columbia Bookstore or at Book Culture.

What will we do without Morningside Books? Where else could you be sure to find a reasonably priced Aeneid only thirty seconds’ walk from your LitHum class? Where will you find the newest addition to your “Books to read for fun, eventually” collection? And where, where, oh where, will we buy our vintage anti-Bush paraphernalia?

Here’s to you, Morningside Books. The last surviving truly independent neighborhood bookstore will be sorely missed.

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  1. oh no  

    this makes me want to cry

  2. Is there...  

    ...anyway to make Clem H. realize that I am the beef to his burrito

  3. Should we  

    put in another Ricky's?

  4. this is  

    awful! Columbia should save it.

  5. Anonymous

    do you know what "literally" means? you mean the news figuratively tears your heart out, and the fact that you said "quite" just makes it harder to deal with this. you shouldn't emphasize the magnitude of the mistake you're making. FYL

  6. not sad  

    Has anyone actually ever been to this bookstore? I once made the mistake of buying a used-looking book here. The cover was dirty and some of the pages were dog-eared. They charged me the full-cover price! I couldn't believe it. When I tried to protest, the clerk went on rant about how no one is willing to pay (ridiculous prices) for books any more.

  7. Burrito Fan  

    Now we can get a 2nd Chipotle!!

  8. They

    went out of business becuase they are a bunch of fucking commies! It was only a matter of time.

  9. DHI  

    It would be fucking badass to literally tear your own heart out at the news of your favorite bookstore closing.

  10. ...  

    Pinnacle South, PLZ.

  11. whatevs  

    they were assholes anyway.

    on to more important things: jamba juice? yes?

  12. Didn't  

    They say they were closing up last year, too?

  13. store closing down?  

    i hope no one moves in. that's what morningside heights really needs - a squatter's den.

  14. wait!

    who's going to sell me my rabid liberalism now?! CMON OREN'S STEP YA GAME UP

  15. jerkoffs  

    Maybe now they'd prefer someone who looks out for small businesses.

  16. I think  

    I think Empanado Joes should reopen here. I think the only reason they failed the first time was location ... cuz there food was da shit

  17. gosh

    this is so sad...

    if i see another damned ricky's/american apparel-esque take its place, I WILL SCREAM

  18. the irony

    aren't these the guys that had the in-your-face sign 01.20.09?

    so apparently they couldn't last four months into the new hope and change administration? hahaha...

  19. can i just say  

    they were not very nice to me, the customer. so, good riddance!

  20. i never understood  

    what their business model was. get expensive retail space to sell the same shit as the people with tables on the sidewalk across the street?

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