Closet Wireless: A Proposed Solution

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The tomb, also known as Butler, is not conducive to the strong, speedy wireless that’s oh-so-helpful for Procrastination Week. So, for midterms, we marched around with our laptop trying to determine where the best signal would be.

Signal strength is arbitrary (who knew?), so for finals we have taken it a step further. Bwog contacted CUIT to find out where, exactly, they’re hiding all those wireless access points. They weren’t very helpful: “Although it is policy to not publish specific locations of any infrastructure equipment, CUIT and the Libraries work together to make connecting to the wireless network as seamless as possible.”

Hand-holding fun aside, we decided to march through Butler one last time and mark down the locations of every wireless access point we could find in reading rooms.  These diagrams even include access points that are hidden behind panels.

The red dots indicate access points whose locations were visibly confirmed.  The blue dots indicate suspected locations of access points, which were located by means of brilliant logic and magical software, be they in humming closets or hidden behind wall panels.

Click on any image to reveal a larger version.  You’re welcome.


Floors 3-6 after the jump.

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  1. 115  


  2. the

    only good line from the varsity show

  3. sooo  

    there's actually wireless in the lounge now?

  4. random  

    is orgo night tonight?

  5. I'd like to show...  

    ...Clem H. where my wireless access points are

  6. Wow, Bwog  

    Want to do some of my papers for me seeing as you have WAY too much time?

  7. Stop procrasinating!!!  

    Stop wandering around Butler with you laptop and listening to where the walls are humming, and get back to work!!!

  8. wow

    excellent work.

    That being said, I enjoy the fact that it's official policy not to tell you anything useful.

  9. YES  

    orgo night is tonight

  10. Dear Bwog  

    An anxious group of sophomores is wondering if there is going to be/ was a CC review on CTV. Any idea?

  11. question  

    is midnight breakfast at barnard tonight as well?

  12. hey bwog  

    you should do an orgo night post. because i almost forgot without you to remind me.

  13. mmhmm  

    yes, it's tonight, too.

  14. Anonymous  

    The internet is like a very long cat. You pull on it's tail on one end and it calls someone a fag at the other. Wireless is the same, only without the cat.

    • What?!  

      How dare you fucking use that kind of language. NOT COOL. I hope you know that in the past there have been gay writers for BWOG. You love this publication and compete in its contests and then viciously attack their IDENTITY. You need help...

  15. 6th floor

    I don't know, I always sit on the 6th floor and while I get fairly good signal in the long room (601-603) there is just no signal in the side rooms, for sure none in 615!

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