Let Us March On Butler 209!

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More specifically, join the Columbia Marching Band at midnight in Butler 209 for loud music and hilarity at Orgo Night.

To procrastination!

UPDATE (11:37 p.m.): Students have trickle in, and a Public Safety officer is standing ominously in the corner. Also, Hillel’s handing out stress balls.

UPDATE (11:50 p.m.): 9 minutes before start time, people have begun climbing on desks, and the Hillel stress balls are flying through the air. Bwog’s not sure that was their intended use.

UPDATE (12:45 p.m.): Show’s over folks – recap to follow shortly, followed by video tomorrow.

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  1. bwog  

    your html is fucked up

  2. aw man  

    i was disappointed that they spelled out CUMB.

    and for the record, I hate CC

  3. ah yay  

    that was so funny!

  4. OMG  

    OMG Orgo Night. Can't wait!

  5. is it racist/pilgrimist  

    that my favorite part of the original video and every subsequent knock off is when the "foreigner" butchers the line "a storm is coming, and afraid"?

    way to go cumb, you got it just right.

  6. WHERE  


  7. woohoo  

    nicole and devon! i love you!!!

  8. but

    you have to reference the original video here:

  9. haha  

    love iiittt!!!

  10. random  

    the boy in the blue checkered shirt is a cutie.

  11. okay  

    not usually a fan of CUMB, but that was pretty funny...pretty pretty funny.

  12. colbert...  

    would be so proud

  13. yesssir  

    Yo that was pretty funny, but I wish that many people showed up to good sporting events here, like basketball.

  14. red  

    blew V-show out of the water.

    Why does V-show have a massive budget again?

  15. Anonymous  

    Orgo night is like a classic rock station - it's the same thing every time, but at least it's always decent.


    (Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof!)

  17. LOVE IT  

    SUCK IT National Institute for Marriage, CUMB that was AMAZING!

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