Student Robbed at Broadway and 114th

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Public Safety just sent out an alert that, “on May 6, 2009, at about 10:30 p.m. a student was robbed of his cell phone on Broadway near W. 114 St. The suspects, picture[s to the right], approached the victim, punched him, and removed his cell phone,” before fleeing.

Both males are about 5’10”-5’11”. “If you have any information about this crime or these suspects, call Det. Joy Lugo at the 26Pct. Detective Unit, 212-678-1318.” Full email after the jump

Columbia University

Department of Public Safety



On May 6, 2009, at about 10:30 p.m. a student was robbed of his cell phone on Broadway near W. 114 St. the suspects, picture attached, approached the victim, punched him, and removed his cell phone.  They fled south on Broadway and then east on W. 113St.  If you have any information about this crime or these suspects, call Det. Joy Lugo at the 26Pct. Detective Unit, 212-678-1318.  Please remain aware of your surrounding when talking on your cell phone. Both males are in their teens, and are about 5?10-5?11?.




  1. sigh...  

    They had to be black. There I pierced the hymen and said it. The first shot in the 'they're-black/how-dare-you'debate to follow has been fired.

    Whenever something like this happens I get frightened stares walking down 114th and Broadway after midnight. I 'get' it; Sjust annoying is all.

  2. Yikes  

    10:30pm?? Was there no one else around?

  3. Anonymous  

    Harlem trash.

  4. Gentrification  

    You know I noticed that too. The article tip toed around race, which is weird because usually when the popo release info about suspects they include race in their description. Gotta love the ultra PC-ness and ultra-pansiness of this campus.

    • Anonymous

      why would a description (including race) be necessary if they're including pictures, dummy? it's not PC to sidestep the urge to be redundant.

      as a black man, though, this is annoying as hell. i've definitely had to deal with people being hyper cautious around me in morningside, even if i were wearing a CU t-shirt, reciting Platonic ideals, and bhangra dancing.

      get it together, negroes. steal from institutions, not people. :-)

  5. ...

    was the student hurt by the punch?

  6. trust fund and legacy  

    $20 says you'd feel safer in a room full of trust fund and legacy people (I'm not one) than the real residents of harlem, or jacksonville, or anywhere poor people actually live, for that matter.

  7. Why  

    does Public Safety exist if they can't stop this from happening at 114th and Broadway. You have 6 fucking blocks to patrol and there are like 8000 of you. I can't even begin to address how ridiculous that is.

    ...God you're all so fucking useless.

    • Useless PS  

      Public Safety are pretty much the same type of useless moron one finds staffing the booths in MTA stations. Expecting protection from them? Puh-LEEZ.

      Better to carry a defensive weapon and learn to use it.

  8. wesleyan  

    bwog - do a post about what's going on at wesleyan. the whole campus is on lock down.

  9. Seriously  

    Don't get tied down in a useless debate on race - the real issue is public safety's utter incompetence.

    Crimes like this a block away from campus happen all the time, and it's outrageous. Something needs to be done.

  10. jeebus  

    people commit crimes, it's a fact. white people do, black people do, every people do. i agree - the more important thing here is that public safety is incompetent.

  11. woodrow  

    Those two upstanding gentlemen are probably just acting out after reading Dostoevsky. Clad in their stylish urban apparel, they are conducting a social experiment.

    • Did they...  

      ...not finish that book?

      I ask because I sure as hell didn't and the final is tomorrow.

      The shopkeeper survived,right? She's just been playing with his head all along like "I know what you did last summer", right?

      • Lit hum student  

        If by "the shopkeeper" you mean Alyana Ivanovna, the old crone and pawnbroker, then "the shopkeeper" definiteley did not survive. Unless of course it's possible to have your skull cracked wide open with an axe and bleed profusely from the brain, and continue on not only living, but "playing with his head all along like 'I know what you did last summer.'"

      • also  

        If it must be somebody, then it is Porfiry Petrovich who is "playing with" Raskolnikov's "head."

    • trying so hard  

      to be funny. You're not. Leave us alone.

  12. ahhh  

    fire alarm in avery, bwog!

  13. note the stanford shirt  

    ivy jealousy?

  14. not stanford

    rather it's Sean John University

  15. Uh...  

    Did anyone notice that the e-mail was sent from ""?

    CPS sends out different notices to undergrads than to other members of Columbia.

  16. Big Surprise.....  

    When's the last time one of these security alerts involved white criminals?

  17. WTF HOBAHS  

    public safety is more concerned with keeping us from having fun than it is with preventing their friends from sticking us up.


    raskolnikov didn't read nietzsche/get off sparknotes

  18. cc'09  

    all this conversation about crime and punishment is making me feel kinda bad about forgetting the plots to a bunch of lit hum books

  19. ...  

    lol, you can actually sense the insecurity about the final looming by people trying to out-fox each other on Dostoevsky references on freaking BWOG.

    And 29? Your parents failed to give you a proper education. It's a shame.


    Why is everyone going at public safety? It's as much the person who got robbed's fault for not being aware of their surroundings and not defending themselves. Public safety aren't babysitters. Kids need to hop off their Jersey ideals and street sense and man up

    • ok sure  

      yes, people need to be aware of their surroundings, but this was 114th and Broadway at 10:30 PM, who among us can say they're on their guard there and at that time. I can't imagine this happening without 30 people seeing it. Why didn't 30 people "man up" and chase the guy down? Because people don't want to get involved with two guys who possibly have knives or worse about a damn cell phone. And don't call me prejudiced by suggesting they have weapons if you're advocating being aware of one's surroundings.

    • anonymous

      Too bad we as a community can't "man up" and get rid of all the public housing / Section 8 that makes it necessary to be on the defense while walking the streets around campus..

  21. I think  

    Public safety needs more Bhangra.

  22. hmmm  

    may have been raining at 10:30 PM so probably less people on the streets

  23. holy sh**t

    now aj's gonna feel scared walking in his own neighborhood!!!!!!! too bad hell have no where to complain about it cuz he didnt get elected again

  24. dagnerside heights  

    like omg....u wuld dink dat our campus be much safer but them dam sercurity aint not good at all. i am gonna be so conscious of hoodlums when i go outside. oh let me graduate from the c-house asap.

  25. homies  

    Yo, dog man....don't be dissin my fellow brothers. They are just doing their own shitz man....don't be so fuckin racist Bwog. If it wouldn't for Bollinger and his Columbia expansion shit yo, we'd all be tight up in this house. Ya heard?

  26. 我不喜歡黑人  


  27. john

    mannnnnn alsdjf;dsalkj;sdj

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