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What would you get if you fused the classic elegance of James Bond with the hip-hop style of Pharrell Williams?

According to Dan Trepanier, you’d get… Well, him.

Trepanier, CC ’09, is a semifinalist in Esquire’s “Best Dressed Real Man” online contest, where readers vote for their favorite 21st century Beau Brummell. He’s running against men from across the country as well as a man who thinks it’s okay to wear salmon-colored pants, a yellow vest, and a pink tie in public.

You can vote for Trepanier—or, should we say, Dan T.—at

Plus, if you do vote for him, he’ll share with you his secret to good grooming: “Skin lotion…got to stay smooth.”

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  1. VOTE!  

    you can vote 30 times per day...

  2. uh...  

    tool. tool. tool.

  3. hmm  

    bit of a label whore, no?

  4. votefordan  

    why not vote? it takes two seconds. and it would be cool to have a lions basketball player win this.

  5. holy shit  

    it scares me to thing about how much time and effort this man put into looking like a giant douchebag. why does he insist on purposefully putting off anyone who sees him?

  6. wow  

    label whore indeed. and whoring yourself out during this time when the rich have all flown to their Switzerland summer houses to escape looks of dagger from the not a smart idea.
    this man needs to catch up with the times. Right now, the rich have to pretend to be poor. Hide your Barneys bags!

  7. listen  

    he is from Canada. Canada is not responsible for impoverishing the world. Therefore, he is allowed to be moneybags-ish. Vote! He played for the Lions while carrying a leg injury last year

    • dan barely  

      played on the team...he averaged less than 2 minutes per game...maybe if lions bball players cared more bout basketabll than fashion they would actually win a few games

      • get over yourself

        1. the only athletic thing you probably did today was walking to the bathroom and back before sitting down at your comp to make pathetic judgments about people who are actually athletic.

        2. he doesn't wear all these clothes around campus, obvi those pics were just for the competition

        3. he's a really cool genuine guy. people need to stop hating.

  8. lol  

    hey numbers 1, 4, and 7. you are probably the same guy. and mostly likely Dan T. self promotion is great. but you kinda went a douchebag are probably a stellar basketball player but...your outfits say something else. TOOL!

    • lol  

      I am #7, I am not Dan T., and i am not 1 or 4. You are truly a douchebag however, and you shouldn't bother hating on Bwog since you have just been exposed as wildly ignorant.

  9. hey  

    he looks pretty good, not gonna lie. love the columbia fashion shoot

  10. overanalysis  

    how do clothes indicate toolishness?

    one of many reasons why this country is so irritating. how the hell did y'all get through high school without being really miserable and/or irritating?

  11. Anonymous  

    I'm annoyed that he's not just money-bags-ish and fashionably anal, but that he also apparently is/was somewhat of an athlete. In my world of make believe, males fashionistas (fashionistos?) are supposed to be fat and effete or rail thin and anorexic. You know, like the gay guys on campus who think they dress well. You're not allowed to have defined shoulders, arms or quads. Damn.

    • Anonymous  

      Oh, but despite that compliment-dressed-up-as-feigned-annoyance, I voted for him. Why spite his efforts and hobby? He seems to do it well. And, you know, that sense of school pride we don't really have.

  12. moneybags? no  

    from his questionnaire:

    "Who or what had the biggest influence on your style and how did it impact you?"

    "My mother grew up with nothing and taught herself to make her own clothes out of scraps of fabric. I think subconsciously I dress well as a way of showing her, and everybody else, how far my family has come."

  13. the guy  

    may look like a tool, but four in hand is the classiest of all tie knots

  14. this is why  

    Europeans think Americans are dirty, bummy idiots...If you go to France, or Italy, or anywhere else in Europe, most guys you see out on the street look like Dan T. here. But here, even in an environment that is supposed to not be ignorant such as ours, since we are, after all, educated Ivy Leaguers, we think that this guy is a tool - just because he dresses well. WTF???
    I guess now-a-days if you like to look good and dress well, you are an idiot, but you are praised for leaving your house with mustard stains on your shirt.

    • true class  

      There's not dressing like a slob and then there's being a superficial brand-whore fashionista. Doing your own fashion shoot and submitting it to Esquire's Best Dressed Man probably places you more toward the latter category.

      Also, I kind of hope for your sake that you're gay because DAMN:

    • Actually..  

      Aren't you the bigger tool for assuming that because it is in France/Italy/Europe it's nice?

      Get some personal taste. The emperor was freaking nude dude.

  15. ::sigh::  

    another douchebag - so glad I'm graduating

  16. sigh  

    dressing like that can turn off girls, if it is indeed the team that you bat for. here are the following reasons as to why:
    1. we assume that you are gay
    2. remind us of Natty Ice.
    3. Again, as our gaydars seem to have failed us many times on this campus, we are not sure if you are straight or not. Usually, since we are too shy to ask, we assume the latter.

  17. Anonymous  

    I'm gay and I assumed he was straight.

  18. ...  

    see this is where the hipsters deserve some credit. they dress in equally cheesy costumes, but for the most part they do it on the cheap (or at least the real ones do). that's interesting, and somewhat creative, making do with little to make something interesting.

    going out and dropping big bucks on designer shit. well, that's just dumb. even if you do mix and match it.

  19. I'm sorry  

    Nobody should ever receive credit for wearing skinny jeans unless they are a woman. Why people think wearing salmon pants is worse than wearing skinny jeans and the like, I will never understand. Just another hypocritical thing about this campus. If you dress preppy, you're a conformist dbag, but if you dress like a hipster after having grown up in suburban Cincinnati, you're cool. No double standard there at all...

    • ...  

      if you dress preppy, you're flaunting money and status, which is douchebaggery by definition.

      hipsters are just cheesy fun.

      ps. this guy looks like leisure suit larry.

  20. woah  

    are these clothes really all his?


  21. ...  


    don't know the guy, but like #11/13 said, he's obviously good at what he does. It's harmless fun... why not just vote for him?

  22. eh,

    the real problem here is that he looks mediocre. i think all people should dress their best but he doesn't look good enough to deserve this "top 50." same with others on the list, though.
    (this is coming from a female's perspective.)
    ps i checked out the blog and it looks really good. i just don't think you are in any way fashionable if ralph lauren black label is one of your favorite brands...
    dan, my advice to you: try to put some edgy brands like rag & bone into your wardrobe so you don't look like a white boy vacationing in nantucket.

  23. expensive suits  

    Does anyone else think its amusing to envision these classy suits and supernice shoes in one of those shitty wooden Columbia Housing wardrobes?

  24. j...

    ok now i feel bad for calling you "mediocre." i just mean that i personally don't like your style but i do think others would. i voted for you anyway.

  25. haha  

    did anyone see this kid freshman yr? he was the second coming of eminem; makes him seem so amazingly artificial now. and he didn't play because of a leg injury?! haha, no the kid never played. well at least he goes all out in his douchebaggery though.

  26. whatevz  

    he's hot. and well dressed. he's also friendly, so that's charming. you should probably vote for him.

  27. i think  

    the fact that someone from CU made it to the semifinalist, the least we could do is support him! why dont you try.

  28. well  

    this guy dan also wears questionable pants in public

  29. umm ...  

    while i give him props for knowing he'll have to endure such comments from us cynics, i have to say that his reason for dressing like this is pretty pathetic and is where it all goes downhill. yea, your family probably came up from nothing almost, but is that the real reason people wear Gucci, Hermes, RL, Dior, etc and shop at Bergdorfs on a regular basis? I think not.

  30. oh.hello.there  

    Yes, he may know how to dress himself... but at the end of the day, entering yourself in an Esquire competition makes you look a) like a TOOL, b) ridiculous, and c) like you're only dressing up because you want some type of award or recognition. For some reason, this reeks of desperation to me. Ugh. Also, "played" on the basketball team? HA. And he is certainly not as nice as everyone seems to think. I'm trying to be nice.

  31. who cares  

    you know you're at a school full of dorks when everyone's hating on the kid who dresses well. hey dan, keep on shining! i hope you actually dress like that in real life. at least you are who you are and you aren't trying to be "ironic"... you don't really know any hipsters if you think they don't wear expensive clothes too.

  32. Sexy  

    I think this guy is so sexy! Good luck!

  33. Wow  

    It's refreshing to see decent looking men on the street, especially on a campus so often bedraggled with boys who haven't changed their wardrobes since the 5th grade. His style is amazing and classic. Props.

  34. I agree  

    Its refreshing! I love seeing him around campus. SEXXXXYYYY. Call me :) lollll

  35. where's thailand?  

    something about his photo portfolio made me want to get a gender change and spend the rest of my life fabulously bedecked in expensive men's clothing. you got my vote, mr. t.

  36. a bit  

    repulsive that he spends so much money on clothing. no more repulsive than other decadent luxury goods, but considering the poverty in new york city i cant help but feel kind of disgusted. he doesnt even seem particularly fashion forward, just very intent on appearing very 'expensive'

    • lol  

      what a bunch of nonsense, honestly. Do you realize how silly you sound? "Considering the poverty in NYC" - jesus fucking christ. Self-righteousness dripping out of your ass. Yes you should dress like the homeless because they can't afford fancy clothes, and this can be your disingenuous way of empathizing with them. Why don't you just stop pretending like you care about the poor. Dan's family has had humble beginnings, so you probably aren't the one to be lecturing him on the state of the poor.

      • i mean,  

        self-righteous or not, its a bit unnerving that someone can wear a thousand dollar sweater when you look at some of the living conditions in nyc. and in response to 47, because he is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on sweaters and shoes when he could be doing much more progressive things with the money.

        • ...

          since when is it a crime to spend money the way it makes you happy? From what I can tell, Dan just enjoys dressing well. We should all be so lucky to find something that makes us happy.

          All this talk about class and wealth is rather silly... I think people have way too much time on their hands during finals to bash each other

        • ...  

          So when will it be ok to spend a lot of money on clothes? Can I buy a nice sweater after I've solved homelessness, or do I have to get world hunger done first? Would I be "progressive" enough if I got all my threads from Goodwill and Salvation Army? Would shopping cheaply absolve me of my perceived duty to help those less fortunate, in your eyes?

          Bullshit selfrighteous idiocy. Piss off.

          • ...  

            you have the right to spend as much as your wish on your clothes and use them as a means of proclaiming your status and power.

            i reserve the right to call you a douchebag for it.

            money can buy status symbols, but it doesn't force people to like you. sorry.

  37. EAL

    Classic American style. As a fan of Brooks Brothers, Polo, and J. Press (and therefore anathema to fashion sense of most of the commenters here), I think it's great to see more of us dressing this way. I'm not sure why people here think that this style of dress automatically means you're a douche (and I didn't go to a fancy prep school), but whatever. Instead, they think some unkempt dude who looks like a skeleton in Converse shoes and skinny jeans, with a grimy "vintage" shirt that they found at a church rummage sale, is the essence of cool. Bah. Let them go back to the Village or Williamsburg and their bastion of anti-Establishment establishment.

    As for you, Dan, major props.

  38. wait ...  

    so its okay to dress all pretentious (yes, in my books he is dressing purely to appear "rich") because you come from a poor ancestry? i dont get that at all. honestly, if you really valued you're family's rise in society you might just go out and do something to help others in that situation rather than prance around the UWS in tight suits and pretend your 007.

  39. haha  

    'all this talk about class and wealth is rather silly'. what a classic ivy league quote

  40. wait ...  

    yea, its one thing when celebrities go to somewhere like new orleans to build a house and do it in gucci-prada-what not. they attract EVEN MORE attention to the needed area despite their demonstration of excessive wealth. here its just a demonstration of that wealth. nothing else. i mean, do you really see something else? also do people really wear jeans ONLY twice a week? so many of the semifinalists wrote that. a little weird since i happen to wear different pairs at least 4 times a week.

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