What Would Chuck-E-Cheese Say About This?

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Bwog Vermin Control Czar Jon Hill was making the rounds in Brooklyn this week when he discovered a playground full of happy little children and their parents. All seemed well until he noticed the sign hanging outside the gate.

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  1. dude  

    you don't have to go all the way to brooklyn to see that. there are playgrounds with those signs on like 96th.
    and if you really want to travel for them, they were at my public schools in california, too.

  2. Question  

    why is this on bwog?

  3. Alum

    Always ask yourself, "What would Check-E-Cheeses do?"

  4. BWOG!  

    ARITA THATTE for senior wisdom

  5. what  

    does this have to do with Columbia?

  6. wow, bwog  

    you went to brooklyn. want a pat on the back or something?

  7. where's  

    the orgo night video?????

  8. Anonymous  

    Except the only thing worse than Bwog commenters are Fail Blog commenters.

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