1. oh cool

    the cumb's twitter might even be funnier than the prezbo one. bwog should make a list of columbias hilarious twitterers.

  2. sorry,  

    but this isn't very funny. and I totally agree with the sentiment- but the jokes are weak, if you can even call them jokes.

  3. ugh  

    the first joke is a bomb. they're basically taking ann coulter seriously.

  4. hey bwog  

    you forgot to embed the joke

  5. dsdfsdf  

    how do you get nominated for a senior wisdom

  6. aww  

    the athletics twitter is so excited!

    Or they only know how to use one type of punctuation.

  7. NO MA'AM  

    Twitter is the Great Satan.

  8. Gentrification  

    Eh, didn't live up to the hype. The jokes were pretty much playing to the crowd. I don't think it would've gotten the same response in any other venue, although the "two peas in a pod" joke was pretty funny.

    • Bandie  

      1. Orgo Night only happens at Columbia...of course the band writes jokes that 'play to the crowd.'Likewise, of course it wouldn't have gotten the same response in any other venue. Imagine if CUMB walked in and started making jokes about Hahvahrd as if they were the Yale Band, talking to Yale students. Wouldn't be funny. Well, might be funny for about two seconds, but the point is that the jokes are meant to be Columbia-centric.

      2. Whether it "lived up to the hype" is completely dependent on the quantity and caliber of the hype you heard.

      3. The band is in no way liable for your sense of humor or lack thereof. We write the script, and we hope you like it. From what I've heard, most people did like it. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and say that maybe your humor is just too cultured (dare I say too 'gentrified'?) for us.

      Bottom line: You did not enjoy Orgo Night, which is too bad for you, because I think many people did enjoy it. Criticizing Orgo Night for being what it is is just dumb though. It's almost as dumb as coming to the College and then complaining that you have to take Core classes.

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