Pillow Fight Your Troubles Away Tomorrow

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If you didn’t laugh your finals terror away earlier yesterday or today, there’s another remedy for stress around the corner (as in, tomorrow night).  It’s a pillow fight! Choose your side–North or South lawn–before the clock tolls midnight (and the Scream beings), then rail on your enemies until you have no chance of forgetting the plot of the Iliad ever again.  Here’s to glorious, bloodless battle.

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  1. What does Ollie's  

    use to make their tasty Chinese food?

    A College Wok!

  2. 3333333333333  

    I would love to "rail."

  3. YES  

    i am pumped for the scream, i have wanted to do that for at least a month.

  4. oh man  

    I've been waiting for this semester's primal scream since January.

  5. Tehehe.


  6. umm  

    aren't the two different south lawns known as the 'east' and 'west' lawns? there is no north lawn to my knowledge...

  7. EPIC  


    no one was there

  8. Attention, CU  

    ....Come taste it, bitches.

    black w/ Green Beanie + red shirt.

    I have a lot of final anger in me and this will make a fine outlet.

  9. yay  

    i'm already done, so i'll be there stoned. if you see somebody pillowfighting in slow-mo, that's me. please don't knock me over on concrete. grass is ok and will feel good.

  10. But  

    I prefer to slap my troubles away with the Slap Chop.

  11. finals...  

    This was pretty fun last year, though hopefully it's bigger this time. I need to get let some steam off.

  12. it's on the  

    LANDING STRIP LAWN. choose to be on the north side or south side of that lawn.

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