Senior Wisdom: Gena Miller

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Name, School
: Gena Miller, CC

Claim to fame: Member of the 2009 intramural floor hockey championship squad “Team Fulton”?

Post-grad plans: Teach for America in NYC, allegedly.

Favorite study spot? Sounds like an oxymoron to me. I usually study in my room.

What are three things you learned at Columbia?

1. Never invade Russia in winter.

2. If a professor has more than 7 CULPA reviews that all say the same thing, it’s probably true.

3. People at Columbia (and lots in NY too) are interesting, quirky and wonderful and worth knowing. See “Senior Wisdom 2009 style: Chris Daniels”.

Justify your existence in 30 words or less.

I can type 57 words per minute.

What was your favorite controversy in your time at Columbia?

Ahmadinafest, hands down. It felt like Ivy League Woodstock, or maybe even what bowl football is like at other schools. I had a great time hanging out on the lawn with a few thousand of my closest friends growing my cultural awareness in festival style setting. I just felt like the controversy had a lot of upside, namely the new genre of ahmadinewords (like the hawkmadineblog for all of you ornithographers out there) and the knowledge that there are no homosexuals in Iran (phew).

Any battle wounds/war stories from the War on Fun?

Retired RA. ‘nuf said.

Would you rather permanently give up oral sex or cheese?

Melted cheese is the way to this woman’s heart so I’d keep the cheese.

What do you wish you could tell the Class of 2013 before they come here?

Always bring an umbrella. Also, get that Duane Reade frequent buyer card or whatever first semester. True, you will never get the 45 seconds of your life back that it took to fill out the paperwork, but you will earn fabulous treasures like money back towards your next purchase and discounts. Thumbs up.


I got a barbecue sandwich like 3 weeks ago from M2M. That experience stands out as a blemish in an otherwise beautiful relationship.

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  1. 2009er  

    I always regretted not getting the Duane Read card. Good advice!

    • Silly Duane Readers,  

      Riteaid is superior in price, selection, and colour-scheme.
      (Riteaid 3:0 duane reade)

      It is, however, one block farther.
      (Riteaid 3:1 duane reade)

  2. fulton teammate  


  3. Gena Fan  


    Great Senior Wisdom!

  4. a woman  

    "Melted cheese is the way to this woman’s heart so I’d keep the cheese."

    ew, no.

  5. Gena

    is this year's Top Female Athlete. She's just too modest to say so.

  6. this  

    is cute and unpretentious. nice.

  7. ornithologist, here

    Let's be real, you know it's gonna be cheese.

  8. Lady G  

    we love you!

  9. gena  

    is the world's most genuine lady. i feel unbearably sad for anyone who never got the chance to meet her.

    fuck the cardinals, though.

    • cow hampsh

      i agree completely with this post, especially the part about the cardinals...

      i'm lucky to have met gena just in time before school ended and very happy i did...

      who wouldn't choose cheese? do you know how much that takes away from your life if it didn't have cheese?!

  10. THERE  

    To the previous 2 Senior Wisdom douches: THAT's how you do one.

    Charming, AUTHENTIC, and not trying so very hard to appear unique or intelligent that you end up sounding you masturbate to your own reflection.

    This is someone I'd like to get to know.

  11. finally

    some wisdom. props gena. my regret is that i never met you these 4 years.



    you rock!

  13. finally  

    a refreshingly non-douchey senior wisdom...never met you gena but you seem like a genuine person, congrats and good luck!

  14. really?  

    not to be a jackass, but 59 words per minute is not that much....

  15. yea seriously  

    i just did 93! combining this with my barnard education will help me achieve my dreams of becoming a hot secretary!


  16. gena

    i love gena miller sooo so much

  17. can we get

    brett robbins!

  18. Why not?

    Brett Robbins!!!!!

  19. russia + winter = fail  

    truer words have never been spoken

  20. glad that  

    bwog responded to the comments that asked for more women so rapidly. could we get a hispanic or two?

    • Senior Wisdom

      As someone who submitted you do realize that the list of seniors went out last week and they are releasing them periodically. So really your suggestions are not being met quickly, they are just posting a few a day

  21. Finally  

    a convincing, interesting senior wisdom

  22. yay  

    Yay Gena. You're the best.

  23. GENA 4 LYFE

    man what a dreamboat. where can i find a GOOD WHOMAN like this

  24. it seems  

    that Bwog's readers' definition of douche is devoting more than one line to answers

  25. drug store frequenter  

    duane reade is faster. the lines look longer but they move way faster than rite aid lines. I was once there and the pharmacy wait was literally over two hours. I mean, DR is incompetant, but Rite Aid is similarly or more so (and unfriendlier to boot).

  26. Transfer '09er  

    God, I've known not one of these people. So much for networking.

  27. anon  

    yay for someone who doesn't have 1,000 acronyms as their claim to fame! more regular, run-of-the-mill seniors, please! and the more senior wisdom, the better. it's going to take a lot to get us to survive out there...

    • dude  

      she isnt really "run of the mill." She is a super skilled varsity athlete who just was too modest to brag all over her senior wisdom like other douches we have seen. I agree more like her though.

  28. wow  

    hit track. notice numbers 20 and 22 come from the same person. cough...brett...cough. wtf.

  29. hahahah  

    "Ahmadinafest, hands down. It felt like Ivy League Woodstock, or maybe even what bowl football is like at other schools."

    haha, so true. we were all excited that day, but at schools with football that is a weekly sentiment. wow columbia is a weird place.

  30. lala  

    Very witty. I really enjoyed this senior wisdom. Yay Gena Miller (though I don't really know you lol).
    I would add another piece of advice in the line of the DR card -- get an OREN's card! =)

  31. yo..

    this also has by far the best picture accompanying the senior wisdom...

    nice work!

  32. rando

    yay gena. i barely knew ye but thanks for adding your positivity, niceness, and coolness to columbia and to bwog, we all know they are in short supply in these parts

  33. DOUCHE  

    Not her this time. Just me.

  34. this is  

    this is the best senior wisdom I've read so far- take note, aspiring cynics, there is such a thing as sarcastic humour without pretentiousness or arrogance...

  35. YES!


  36. Who?  

    She seems nice and all, but I don't even know if I've ever seen her on campus because I can't tell from the picture who she is. That's too bad.

    Great answers, bad picture choice.

    Also, misspelling a coined word is very unique. Ornithographers are apparently bird photographers, according to Google, but "ornathographers" exist only on this website.

  37. hmm  

    not sure why everyone seemed to love this one so much, she seems like a genuinely nice person, but the answers are generic and boring. Good senior wisdoms (like good sex diaries on daily intel)aren't afraid to spark strong reactions, Nicolas shows hows it's done

  38. Foolish  

    I'm confused as to what the previous two readers want. First, this is pretty much an outlet for nostalgia, and you are taking it way to seriously. I'm guessing you aren't a senior, because if you were you'd probably realize that most of these questions are geared towards finding insight to the funny little quirks of Columbia. In this capacity, Gena does a great job. Second, reflection and advice shouldn't have to be so inflammatory. Maybe you are very angry people who have lots of disdain for Columbia and think that certain areas of the University need a good "telling off." If that is the case, maybe you’re at the wrong school. Or maybe you just need to grow the fuck up.

    • so i guess  

      comments (like yours) should be inflammatory?

      "Or maybe you just need to grow the fuck up."

      Easy there, paaartnaaaa.

    • ummm  

      Actually, I am a senior...I didn't say they should be inflammatory, I was just expressing my suprise that so many commenters reacted positively to answers that frankly to me, lacked any sort of cleverness, wit or creativity whatsoever. To me Nicolas and Josh's senior wisdoms do exactly that, and I was just surprised at the negative reactions to Nicolas's in particular and thought another point of view couldn't hurt. I actually really like Columbia and have enjoyed my four years here, but what I won't miss is the complete and utter lack of acceptance of different views characterized by comments such as yours.

  39. This is good  

    really good.

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