Insanity on The Lawns

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At around 11:45, eager pillow-bearers began to congregate on the Butler lawn for the 4th annual Primal Scream/Pillow Fight, which this year featured over a hundred combatants. One claimed to have “stretched all day for this,” while several others wore capes. At about a minute before midnight, the two sides charged screaming towards each other, much to the amusement of the spectators who ventured from their campsites in Butler.

Though at first two sides charging at each other like some medieval melee, the fight quickly broke down to every man and woman for themselves. Warriors quickly adopted the language of the battlefield, including cries of “push him into the bushes and hit him,” “come and get me,” and “we don’t negotiate with terrorists!”

The fun did not begin to die down for almost twenty minutes, before many of the combatants slumped down on the grass. As one tired observer said, “I’ve never seen so many people willing to beat the shit out of each other.” Photo album after the jump.







– JCD, photos by SEV and JPR

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  3. ZOMG:  

    That is a great shot of Lyuda. You rock, Lyuda.

  4. yeaaaa  

    yi-eyaaaahhh cookieeeeeeeee!!!

  5. assholes  

    the lawn is trashed with fuzzy foamy filling stuff now. some poor guy has to clean that up now (yes i realize hes paid to clean stuff but that doesnt mean you should make a mess for him) and littering/polluting as a result of a fun activity is no worse than littering/polluting from anything else. all you had to do was pick the crap up after you were done playing.

  6. 2150  

    this looks like so much fun!!!! why didn't i take a study break!

  7. To the Dude that I p'wned  

    You cocky SOB, you thought you were safe by not holding a pillow and sitting on the steps. I got your number bitch! i'm too wily for your "DUDE i'm not playing" bullshit.
    Next time leave the wheel chair with your whore mother.

  8. lol  

    love the teenage mutant ninja turtles pillow case in the opening pic. is that robert holding that pillow?

    i hope you all washed your pillows or at least changed the pillow cases before using the pillows again. you don't know how nasty people can get during finals. i've seen people put personal hygiene on the back burner.

  9. Dominique  

    Kendale + Discoe = a battle of epic proportions. That mess was crazy.

  10. oh man  

    people are so fucking weird. i love this school

  11. i could

    look at discoe getting hit by a pillow for eternity. he looks like lee harvey oswald.


  12. Biggus Dickus  

    I heart Discoe. Also, the KCST cuddle pic. I wish I hadn't been essaying.

  13. not to generalize  

    the pillow fight devolved after 15 minutes into football players who had to prove something? by hitting each other as hard as they could with pillows against the black kids. Seriously guys the point is not too hit each other as hard as you can to show how big you are. it's to have fun and you football idiots just made it really annoying.

    i was worried that with the football players hitting each other with all their force, they would break a hand and not be able to take an exam...then again they'd probably do the same on the exam whether or not they could write.

    • ahahahahhaha  

      Ahahahahha whatttttttt shut up loser what the fuck do you think the point of a pillow fight is? to lose? they were just having fun during finals chill the fuck out. "the pillow fight devolved after 15 minutes into football players who had to prove something? by hitting each other as hard as they could with pillows against the black kids." whattttttt???? go home.

      Also, yeah, the guy with the bloody nose is the guy on the far right in the blue shirt in the first picture after the jump. That shit was righteousssssss!

  14. hey  

    Did anyone seen that guy who got a bloody nose? it was grosssss.

  15. Teehee  

    That is the most beautiful display of... something I've seen in many years.

  16. lyuda  

    you'z famous now!

  17. Missed Connection

    Thought we were on the same side until you beat me with a pillow from behind. I was very attracted to your strong arms and quick action. Felt a connection immediately, although that might have been the concussion.

    I was wearing a dirty Midnight Mania t-shirt and was bleeding from the ears.

  18. my favorite part

    is always the peace hill!

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