Tonight: Screaming and Pillows on The Lawn

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As mentioned last night, tonight sees the newest tradition on this fair campus: the Spring Pillow Fight. Bring your finest goose down, and hope a quill doesn’t stick you in the eye

If hitting people without reprecussions is not your cup o’ tea, then you can vent your frustrations verbally by participating in the Primal Scream. The rules, reprinted:

  1. If your clock’s not auto-synced to the NIST’s Cesium Fountain Atomic Clock (i.e. the Internet), make sure you’ve set it correctly.
  2. At midnight, open your window or go outside.
  3. . Loudly.
  4. Keep it short. If you’re still screaming past 12:04, you’re a tool. Just stop.

Make yourselves heard.

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  1. damn  

    that is a cool painting

  2. bwog,  

    now arbiter of tooldom.

  3. bwog  

    the pillow fight is a pretty old tradition, I think

  4. bwog!  

    where's the second senior widsom for today? we had two yesterday. i need to procrastinate more.

  5. Num4  

    I show anger when something pisses me off rather than reply with some passive-aggressive comment. Don't assume finals make me bitter -jackasses make me bitter. I'll take your "ball therapy" advice as code for maturbation, pervert. How nice of #10 to supply you with some material!

  6. finals  

    always bring about excess horniness. we all get off to a nice long intellectual study session.

  7. primal scream  

    If these retards were actually stressed about finals, they would keep studying their asses off instead of wasting time screaming out the window.

  8. I need sleep  

    What do you call it when math majors all primal scream together?

    Composite scream!

  9. ...  

    and "YOUR" clearly an idiot.

  10. hmmm  

    didn't sound as loud as last semester, at least from my apt....felt good though!

  11. boo  

    dat shit was wwack

  12. no senior fund for me  

    1. I am now more unique than 90% of the senior class. Sheep.

    2. Primal scream is retarted, and a symptom of why I didn't donate. This isn't a real tradition, at the very least not one unique to CU, as many other schools do it. Really, one of our only traditions is that we scream out of a window because we have tests, something all college students have? What are we, in fucking preschool?

    Thankfully, I'm willing to bet Prez Bo fazes out this tradition as lame as it is--ask yourselves why we no longer have naked run. I for one won't be sad to see this tradition go.

  13. spectator  

    Dude, I saw someone get mad fucked up, blood dripping down his chin and everything.

  14. This was  

    an absolutely brilliant comment

  15. Butler Lawn  

    is a fuking mess.

  16. ugh  

    I hoped Columbia students were intelligent/aware enough NOT to use retarded when they mean stupid. grow up people

  17. Retarted  

    In England it might refer to one resuming being a whore or slut after a period of inactivity.

  18. Adam

    I'm going to call the cops with a noise complaint in advance

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