Winner of the First-Round Comment Competition

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Congratulations to badanalogyguy, the first-round winner of the Bwog Comment Competition.

Employing what might best be termed a “brute force” strategy, badanalogyguy hammered away with comment after comment until a witty one slipped through. It’s sort of like when sperm besieges an egg until… Eh, we’ll leave the analogies to him.

Bwog selected badanalogyguy from all the commenters who posted using an e-mail address, so we can proudly award him with the grand prize package:

First, he will receive a T-shirt proclaiming his honor in true 100% cotton, machine-washable style. Don’t bother looking for these shirts in your American Apparels or your Banana Republics—not even Dan Trepanier can get his hands on one of these trendy tees.

To cap it off, though, badanalogyguy will be taking home a copy of Snark, written by Columbia grad, New Yorker critic, and perennial UWriting exhibit David Denby. Bwog has tracked down a fine used copy (we blew all our money on the T-shirt), which we’ll be sending out shortly.

But the contest isn’t over! Round two begins tonight and continues until exams are over. Remember to use your e-mail address when you comment to be eligible.

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  1. hmm  

    are you going to post what his post was?

  2. 30PiecesofSilver Guy  

    I personally preferred this gem of badanalogyguy:

  3. THE GLORY  

    I don't want the prize(I have t-shirts and books); I want the glory.

    Get ready for some scintillating wit, mofos.

  4. marshal zhukov  

    badanalogyguy:bwog comment contest :: red army:world war II

    just keep hammering away until the other side gives up.

  5. really, bwog?  

    I just read this so-called "funniest comment" and find it to be dumb, boring, and not at all clever. However, the Barnard joke directly after it made me chuckle.

  6. Anonymous  

    I feel like Nelson Mandela after eating a particularly delicious pizza.

  7. denby?  

    "snark" is a horrrible book. denby is wasted space in the new yorker.

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