1. Anonymous

    Spiderman 3 was the only good one, you pretentious hipsters.

    Sorry the film exposed emo-ness as hilarious and awesome, but it is.

  2. Sam Raimi is a G!  

    That man's responsible for these forty-four seconds, the best forty-four seconds in cinema.

  3. does  

    anyone know if there's still any left?

  4. this movie  

    the preview to this movie honestly looks like this is the worst move ever made. EVER.

  5. Free Red Bull People  

    are not very pleasant people.

  6. hmm  

    drag me to hell? no need...i'm already in butler.

  7. oh.hello.there  

    Too bad "Drag Me to Hell" is PG-13, and therefore will not be a return to form... Hmphh.

    Also, SP3 is indeed horrendous, and the moments of emo-ness are unintentionally hilarious. Poo. SP2, on the other hand, is absolutely wonderful.

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