Free Haagen Dazs, And A Place to Enjoy It

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If you prefer free ice-cream to slightly-overpriced-but-it’s-for-a-good cause cookies, Häagen Dazs is giving away free scoops of all its “Bee Built” flavors (i.e. the ones with honey ingredients that require bees pollinating). Promo runs until 8 p.m. so get in line. Then, you can enjoy it on the J-School’s newly opened patio! The girl below is already dancing at the news.


– Photo by AB


  1. no...  

    don't make stuff up, bee built doesn't mean honey is an ingredient. haagen daz is refering to ice creams made with ingredients that require bees to pollinate crops (like say strawberries).

  2. still studying

    Last year May was so warm...sigh.

  3. ALERT

    Woohoo! Thanks, Bwog! :)

  4. you rock  

    Thanks bwog, completely forgot till you told me.

  5. ...  

    hey bwog, can you post a reminder about carsplit please? it's not really working right now cause i guess people forgot about it...

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