Invasion of the Girl Scouts!

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Normally, Bwog sticks to free food, but we thought we’d make one cute exception: the Girl Scouts will be selling their famous cookies on Lerner Ramps starting at 4:00 p.m. They’ll be selling all of the most well-known flavors, including Thin Mints, Samoas, and Tagalongs. No word on how many boxes the troops will have, but we’re sure they’ll be delicious.



  1. yum  

    delicious troops of girl scouts.

  2. KILL IT  


  3. mmmm baby!  

    i'd love to grab one of those cute little girl scouts and eat her cookie!

  4. jeez  

    i didn't know there were so many pedos here

  5. Will  

    they actually be called Samoas and Tagalongs, or will they use the alternate names Caramel deLites and Peanut Butter Patties?

  6. Filming

    Sarah Michlle Geller and Ben Affleck are filming a movie on Amsterdam and 121st.

  7. anti-rjt

    rob tump is a fat, girl scout bitch.

  8. anti-rjt

    rob trump. damnit.

  9. Angry Black Man  

    Fuck Girl Scouts (not literally), their cheap ass cookies, and their affirmative action box covers!

    That sista aint strugglin'!

    No THIS is a sista!

  10. to thin mint,  

    or not to thin mint?

    that is not a question.

  11. thanks  

    bwog. Because of you I just spent 7 bucks on my Samoas and Tagalongs. Soooo good for finals!!!!

  12. LMX  

    These girls scouts were yelling "FREE dance with a purchase of cookies." Now I know cookie sales must be tough with the recession and all, but lap dances from girl scouts? Ridiculous.

  13. i want cookies  

    are there any left?

  14. does  

    anyone know if they're still selling them???

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