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Name, School
: Sherif Farrag, CC

Claim to fame: National and international fencing, Co-captain Varsity Fencing, Turath VP, MSA OCM

Post-grad plans: I hope to live my ambitions, conquer my dreams.

What are three things you learned at Columbia?

1) I will not work on an assignment or study for an exam until the last possible minute. The subsequent pressure makes up for the lost time, and everything works out fine, except that I might not remember what I argued in that essay the next day.

2) We’re all the same in a lot of ways, and our differences are only different shades of the same color.

3) No matter how much you wish that night’s John Jay dinner might be good this time around, it will always disappoint. It’s so bad.

Justify your existence in 30 words or less. I am one of billions of people on earth, and that’s humbling.

Favorite study spot? The high of staying awake for 3 straight days cranking out last minute papers – you start saying and seeing funny things.

What was your favorite controversy in your time at Columbia? Ahmadinejad. There was an incredible excitement in the air on the day of the visit. It was very interesting to see all the various parties organize themselves to make a statement on the day of his speech. I remember seeing students with signs advocating a variety of positions, from those against his visit, for his visit, for free speech, and some who side stepped the issue altogether and created signs presenting little-known facts that fought typical stereotypes on Iran. From the passionate anger to the calm attempts at reasonable dialogue, the environment inside and outside the gates represented the prism that is Columbia University. It was also fun working at the Columbia Calling Center during this time. I spoke with some alumni who were adamant at his visit, and a few who expressed anger at Bollinger’s controversial introduction. I had one alumni say that it was terrible what the university did and that she would not give a penny to Columbia anymore. According to protocol, I responded trying to dissuade her from her decision and presenting various reasons why she should still give to Columbia. She cut me off and stated, “drop dead” before hanging up.

Any battle wounds/war stories from the War on Fun? You can never shut down the pants party.

Would you rather permanently give up oral sex or cheese? I’ll go with 2pac on this one, money over bitches.

What do you wish you could tell the Class of 2013 before they come here? Enjoy as many things that the university has to offer before you go. There is so much to do, so many people to learn from, so many perspectives to encounter. Don’t be shy. But be contemplative throughout, and try to think about how these experiences relate to who you were and who you are becoming.

Regrets? “The saint had his past, the sinner has his future”

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  1. No better picture?  

    That bums me out for him.

  2. hahaha  

    His War on Fun and Sex vs Cheese answers were the best for 09, hands down. Nicely done, Sherif! Best of luck with everything.

  3. sabor  

    SHERIF IS HILARIOUS! Also, his glow in the dark party was really fun. Did anyone see the dancers he had come out for Adil's bday? so hot.

  4. Sherif

    is one of my favorite seniors ever. calling center lovee

  5. bwog...  

    there's a camera crew right outside social work...investigate?

  6. what the fuck

    anyone care to tell me why ferris/JJs is closed? the signs say they close on the 13th, and its the 12th, dipshits. damn i got all this dining dollars i got to use. FUCK

  7. he's quite adorable...

    not a douchebag at all! i'm soaking up all the senior indeed cranking out last minute papers atm, but I'm pretty sure they're going to be late.
    ugh, if i keep getting more awful TA's, the calling center isn't going to get a penny out of me!

  8. Finally a senior wisdom  

    where the senior isn't a douche bag.

  9. wow, bwog.  

    1. Sherif sounds like a cool dude.
    2. where are all of the women, bwog?

  10. we need

    more musicians and artsy types to do these. although sherif is awesome.

  11. fan

    sherif is such a nice (and sexy) guy!

  12. totally agree  

    with what he learned number 1 and 3.
    best senior wisdom so far. didn't try as hard to sound cool, just told it like it is

  13. AHH!  

    SHERIFFFFER is the best! the best!

  14. huge crush  

    that picture is just adorable. it brings out his veil of innocence. i want to remove that veil, tear it down, and embrace him in his naked skin.

  15. ummm  

    he didn't really answer a number of questions. Favorite study space? And what he learned isn't particularly wise just intuitive or telling of his study habits.

    Still, he seems like a geniune guy.

  16. Tell a girl like Doritos  

    that's nacho cheese. It does work.

    My favorite senior wisdom thus far.

  17. Memories  

    Do you remember when everyone was shouting my name, and I used my strength to rip my blouse?

    Yeah, and I saw them knock you unconscious, ok?

  18. copy editor

    he used adamant incorrectly.

  19. I remember  

    killing this guy in assassins last year

  20. SHERIFFFF!!!!  

    Love hiM!

  21. This guy  

    is a mediocre squash player.

  22. How did you get here?  

    Secret tunnels

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    sherif is a homosexual.

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  25. wait i think he  

    has a indian fetish.

  26. as cheesy as it is  

    i love the 2013 advice. like this guy.

  27. pics  

    BEST picture so far.

  28. AYO YO YO  

    TOP 10 girls in Turath who want to take over Turath who are not freshmen but who might be freshmen. Aright lets go:

  29. awwww  

    by far a great guy.
    good luck with everything!!
    we love you.
    and ever.

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